Special Paws Camp

Wassup, friends?  Momma left her computer laying around so I thought take this opportunity to hijack the blog again and tell you guys the real story of what happened when she and Dad had the nerve to go on vacation, and leave me to fend for myself!

So here’s what happened…

I was getting pretty used to our new routine.  First Mom & Dad started bringing home all these strange dogs.  They’d live with us for awhile, and then they’d load them up into the car and drive away and come home without them! I’ll be honest – at first, I was freakin’ out!  What if they decided to take me away and come home without me??  Ohmigosh I can’t even think about it.

But after awhile, I started to realize that all the dogs who were coming into our house needed my help.   That’s why Mom & Dad kept bringing them home, so I could help them!   I helped Tucker understand how not to be nervous all the time.  I helped Kaylee learn how to live in a house and that there’s more to life then living on a chain.  I helped Roxie learn important things every puppy should know.  Once I taught them all I could and they were Ready, Mom & Dad would take them off to live with their very own People.  I finally understood that they would never take me away, because they needed me too much!

Well, that was a relief!

So there you have it, I am the Furever Dog, and I am the Helper Dog.  I am totally cool with that Job! So anyway, now that I had that figured out, there I was, mindin’ my own business, hanging out with Foster Bro & Foster Sis…just, you know, doing my Job.  Teachin’ them stuff. 

When all of a sudden, I was whisked off to vet and before I knew it, I was rockin’ the Cone of Shame again!  Arrrrrrrg, woe is me!

The Cone itself would have been bad enough, but you would not believe what happened next.  Mom & Dad took both Cooper and  Molly Tamale away in the car, and came back without them!  WAIT!  They have more to learn, I’m not done with them yet – they’re not Ready!  I was very confused, but then again I was feeling all foggy from the vet so maybe I was just getting some time off from my Job so I could recover from whatever the heck that super nice Dr. Brown did to me.

Then things got really weird.  The next morning, Mom & Dad left without me.  That’s not the weird part, they do that every day.  The weird part is that they didn’t come back home to hang out with me that night.  Instead, Aunt Kari came over and took me to her house to hang out with my buddy Dexter.  This is still not the weird part, because I’m always going over to Dexter’s house to hang out, ever since I was itty bitty.

It got super duper weird when after a few days, I got loaded up into the car and taken to another different house!  I wasn’t sure where I was at first, but I recognized one smell right away: Bandit!

As you may recall, me and Bandit – well, we are besties.  He is my most favoritest friend in the whole wide world!  I knew nothing too bad would happen as long as I was with Bandit.  Even though I tried out my very best “sad and pathetic” impression on Bandit’s People (hey, I can work that Cone), they were not fooled.  They even brought some kids over to their house to draw a picture for me and Bandit to pose on.

We sat there and posed very nicely, and we must have pleased the People because they kept smiling and laughing.  They said they were running a Special Paws Camp.  Well I don’t know why Bandit’s so special, but I know that I am special because I have a very important Job.  I had tons of fun hanging out with Bandit, but I was super duper excited when his People took me back to my own house.  I was ready to get back to work!

Then just a few short hours later, guess who walked through the door?  Mom and Dad!  Oh man oh man, was I happy to see them.  Then, Cooper and Molly Tamale came back home, too, so I resumed my Job (see, I knew I wasn’t done with them yet).  Then, I ditched that stupid Cone.  All is right with the world again.

What a weird week it was….I think I deserve a raise.


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9 responses to “Special Paws Camp

  1. You are very patient to be able to have so many fosters, but look at what a great job you’re doing!


  2. Erott

    HAHAHAHA, I can’t stop laughing!!! Special Paws camp : ) Bandit appears to rock his specialness with a little more enthusiasm than Oscar!


  3. What a good boy you are Oscar! Keep up the good work!


  4. Oscar, we’re so glad you were able to ditch the Cone of Shame! The picture of you and Bandit wouldn’t have been as funny without it.


  5. Oscar, you’re one handsome fella with brains to boot!


  6. FoxyRoxyLover

    Thank you Oscar for being such a good helper dog! Roxy thinks that you did a great job teaching her how to be a puppy!


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