Oscar’s Pals, Part II

Hey guys, it’s me again, Oscar!  As you probably know by now, Tucker moved out and is now living with his new People.  I’m really happy for him!  He was fun to have around, but I’m glad to have Mom & Dad back all to myself – at least for a little while.   

Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I think one of the reasons he got such amazing People to adopt him is cuz I helped him become such an awesome dog!  Remember when he first came home?  We was real scared and nervous and barked all the time…it was soooooooo annoying.  Enter: Oscar!  I helped him realize that we could have fun together and play and play and even share the couch together. 

Mom & Dad say that I helped “socialize” Tucker.  Well, DUH!  Obviously that’s cuz I’m so sociable myself.  Maybe this is a good time to introduce everyone to the rest of my bestest buddies, who helped me get all “socialized” as I was growing up.  Let’s see, where did we leave off?  Oh yeah….

Barney!  One day Mom got up and went out real early.  It was too early for me, I didn’t even get out of bed (I loooooove sleeping in the bed!).  So when she came home, she had this guy with her:

Mom said Barney jumped in her car after she saw him running down the road.  I asked him what he was thinking, running down the road like that, didn’t he know that was Danger?  He said he didn’t know, that he didn’t have any People to teach him about Danger.  *GASP* no people??  Well, I knew right away that I had to share my People with him to teach him about important things, like Danger, and Treats, and Cuddles.  And I could teach him Play!  Well turns out Barney already knew what Play was, and boy he was good at it! 

Barney had some things to teach me, too.  Like Wrasslin’:

Barney only stayed at our house for a week, cuz Mom & Dad found him some People of his very own. They still talk to them and they tell me that he is soooo happy with his new People and new Lab-sister Bella.  Round about that time is when I heard Mom & Dad start talking about bringing Foster home.  I don’t know what they’re waiting for, I can’t wait to find out what Foster is!

So, I saved my most favoritest bestest friend for last.  His name is Bandit…

(*sigh*) Bandit….Bandit’s People went on something called Vacation which means Bandit had to come and live with us for a week.  It was the BEST week! We had so much fun together. 

We Played:

We Snuggled:

We went to the Park:

And we just hung out.  Did you know that a Dog can have only three legs??  Well Bandit does, but he kept up with me just fine.  Mom called him the “Wonder Puggle,” whatever that means.  Man do I love Bandit.  I wonder when his People will go on Vacation again?

Of course I have some other friends too, who you already know about.  There’s Libby & Bailey, and of course, Tucker!  But you already know all about him since Mom blah blah blah’ed about him so much.  I wonder if Mom & Dad will bring anyone knew home anytime soon?  I love making new friends….

Find out soon!



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