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Fun at Dexter’s

What is about someone else’s backyard that is sooooo much more fun than your own?  All Oscar and Cooper do in their own backyard is conduct their business then hang out on the porch gossiping like two grumpy old men.

But last night, we took the boys over to their friend Dexter’s house last night for some play time, and…well, this happened:

Granted, Dexter’s yard is a heck of a lot bigger than our, and more level, too, so I certainly understand the appeal.  And, play time had the desired effect…

Cooper is still searching for his furever home!  If you’ve got enough love to share with Cooper, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.

…and don’t forget to VOTE FOR COOPER!



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The Movie Star

I may sound like a broken record, but have I mentioned lately how awesome our rescue is?  Agape really pulls out all the stops for their foster dogs.  A few weeks ago, I met up with our foster coordinator, Kirsten, to shoot some footage of Cooper, just being Cooper.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a gazillion.  Because how could you not fall in love with Cooper after seeing this??

Are you and Cooper meant to be together?  If you think so, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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Last week, Cooper completed the Basic Family Dog Manners class with Dogs & Kat.  He passed his skills test with flying colors – We’re so proud of him!

Of course as a doting Foster Momma, I had to take some video of Cooper’s progress.  First, here is he working on “stay.”

Next, we practiced the beginnings of what could be turned into “roll over.”  For this task, we put Cooper in a “down,” then held the treat close to his nose and moved it back around his head.  Some dogs are naturals at this and go the rest of the way, completing the “roll over” on their own…we are not quite there yet.

Finally, the crown jewel – four on the floor, or “greeting a friendly stranger.”  This is one of the ten tests that dogs have to pass in order to get their Canine Good Citizenship certification, and Cooper – well, see for yourself:

Trust me, I was beaming with pride.  Cooper did so awesomely amazing in his class, I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He’s one smart cookie, extremely food motivated and loves to please his people – a training trifecta!

However, we are far from done with Cooper’s schoolin’ – he still needs to learn how to keep his nerves in check.   So, next on the docket is Relaxed Rovers, also with Dogs & Kat.  In Relaxed Rovers, “we work on helping dogs learn to be calm and focused on their people in distracting environments.  This class is for dogs who have a hard time being calm, whether due to excitement, reactivity with other dogs or people (especially when on leash), anxiety, or just plain lack of focus.” I am extremely excited for this class – it’s just what the doctor trainer ordered for young Coop, and I’m looking forward to sharing updates on his progress. 

If you’re interested in adding Cooper to your family, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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The Best Day of Their Lives (alternate title: Three Little Pigs)

As it has been previously determined, Cooper is Pig, and Roxie is Piglet. Not to be outdone, over the weekend Oscar reminded us that he will always be King Pig.

We discovered a new dog park over the weekend, and what it lacked in engineering foresight (ahem, horrible drainage planning) it made up for in pure unadulterated joy. 

Three dogs + one muddy dog park + one beautiful sunny day = bliss.

Seriously, I have never seen three happier dogs in my life.  This was our second trip to the dog park in two days, and if I thought they had fun the day before…man, it was nothing compared to this.  We hit the gate and it was like the previous day’s exhaustion had never happened, they were off to the races.  These were “zoomies” on a whole different level – these were Mud Zoomies.

So needless to say, it was Bath Night again, just four days after the last time.  And again, the Sirius Republic collars got a thorough cleaning, this time with a good old-fashioned hand-scrubbing with dish soap.  But man, oh man, it was so worth it!

If you’re interested in providing a Furever Home to Pig or Piglet (sorry, King Pig is taken), please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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The Pack Dynamic

I never realized just how different “three dogs” would be from “two dogs.”

When we started fostering, we knew we’d be in for an adjustment period when we doubled the number of four-legged critters in the house.  It’d be more chaotic, there’d be more noise and more mess.  We also knew it’d mean double the puppy love, double the snuggles and double the hilarity.

Now that we have three, the differences have been compounded.  In addition to those things I mentioned above, walks and meal times have become way more involved. But for us, nothing can compare to the atmosphere of just plain FUN there is at Foster House right now.

The biggest and most apparent thing we’ve noticed is that now with three dogs, we have become a bone-afied (ha!) pack. We never get tired of watching them interact with each other. There’s a hierarchy.   They snuggle together. They trust each other. Sometimes two will gang up on the third. Sometimes a third will referee if play gets too rough between the other two.

Most of all, they all have their own distinct and unique personalities.


We never intended on being a three-dog household.  And once one of them gets adopted, we may not be again – at least not anytime soon.  This pack came together purely by accident – but what a happy accident it is!

Yep, three dogs sure makes for a crazy household, and we know this won’t last forever –  But for now, we’re lovin’ every minute of it.

If you’re interested in adopting Cooper or Roxie, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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Pig & Piglet

If Cooper is our Pig, Roxie is our Piglet. 

She’s a little pint-sized version of our Pig.  First of all, she also completely idolizes her (nick)namesake – the two of them are inseparable! 

Secondly, she scarfs down food like it’s the last meal she’ll ever get.  I know she’s a growing puppy who was underweight to begin with, but sheesh…she puts away kibble like it’s goin’ out of style. 

And finally, there’s this… (volume up – it’s worth it!)

If you think Roxie is the Piglet for you, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Resuce.



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Roxie The Scholar

It’s been a total blast watching Roxie figure stuff out.  When Oscar was a young pup of Roxie’s age (our only other “puppy” experience” to date), he was a pretty quick study – but if Oscar is the genius we think he is, the pace that Roxie is learning must qualify her for mensa status.  She may have a bit of an edge though – the fact that she can look to her foster brothers is a big help.  You can almost see her little wheels turning: “Hmm, they are getting treats shoved in their mouths, what are they doing differently than I am?  Well, they’re sitting down, maybe I should try that.”

She surprises us every day.  She’s even just about mastered the Hardest Trick of All – “wait.” I took this video last night, on Day 11 at Foster House.  She’s about got it down cold already!

If you are interested in adopting this little genius, or her foster brother Cooper, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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I’ll See Your Egg & Raise You a Cube

Oh Cooper, our little piggy.  Or maybe hippo (as in the “hungry hungry” variety) would be a better suited nickname?  Either way, you just rocked that Egg so quickly and expertly that you’ve graduated, sir! 

Here is Cooper’s first attempt at The Cube…I probably didn’t need to record nearly three minutes of this, but trust me, it gets pretty good around the 1:40 minute mark: 

The Cube (which is actually called a Buster Food Cube) is a little more challenging than The Egg because there is only one “exit” for the food instead of two like on The Egg.  You can also adjust the difficulty level, allowing more or less food out at a time.  Since this was Cooper’s first go at it, we had it on the easier setting.  Another plus necessity for any food dispensing toy – it’s completely dishwasher safe. 

For information on adopting  food-puzzle mastermind Cooper, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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Meal Times are Getting Eggciting!

Sorry for the pun, but Cooper has met The Egg!   And he freakin’ rocks at it.

This dog really is sharp.  Compare his first meeting with The Egg:

To the well choreographed dance he displayed on Day 3:

Not to shabby, huh?  It probably helps him that he is about the most food motivated dog I’ve ever met.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we love The Egg as a training tool – it helps work out the mental muscles of our excitable young Coop, and paired with daily walks, we’ve helped minimize his destructive habits

We haven’t talked a lot yet about who Cooper’s Perfect People would be, and one reason for that is we’re still trying to figure him out.  He’s an absolute love, and we completely adore him, but he does have some quirks.  One thing we know for sure is that Cooper’s People are going to have to be fully 100% committed to daily exercise with this guy – right now we’re doing two 30-minute walks every day, which I think is the bare minimum he will need.  The great part though is that he does amazingly well on the leash, so walks are not a struggle.  Plus, it gets me up off the couch, which is always a good thing!

If you’re ready for daily walks with Cooper, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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The Waiting Is the Hardest Part


It’s usually the third command we teach (after “sit” and “down”) and we use it before the dogs are allowed to do pretty much anything.  Before they can go outside, before their leashes get clipped on, or before are allowed to grab a toy.

And probably the most miserable – before they are allowed to eat.  Here Cooper demonstrates the absolute torture it is to have to wait for his breakfast.  “Maybe if I roll over real cute-like you’ll just let me have it already???”

For more information on adopting Cooper, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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