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Easter Chicks

Foster House had some fluffy guests over Easter weekend…

Chickens 005

Aren’t they cute??  These three lovely ladies are new additions to our friends Mike, Ashley & Libby’s family. While Mike and Ashley were out-of-town, Libby brought her new three chick siblings to visit us at Foster House for the weekend.

Chickens 002

Last year, Nashville passed an ordinance to allow keeping urban chickens.  As much as I love the idea of raising our own food, our backyard is just too tiny to hold a chicken coop. Not to mention with foster dogs coming and going, we might end up going through chickens faster than we went through eggs. (Eeesh)  But with a huge back yard and a very well behaved pooch, Mike and Ashley jumped at the chance for fresh eggs. 

Chickens 008

For now, these three little nuggets (see-what-i-did-there?) live in this cardboard box, but Ashley is hoping that the weather in Nashville starts cooperating soon so they can move out into their coop,* and then hurry up and start producing yummy fresh eggs.  

*coop: not to be confused with this Coop:

Coopers 130

Does anyone else have experience with rasing hens?  Do you have any advice for Mike and Ashley?  And, probably most importantly, what should they name their gals? Any ideas?



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Breakfast with Waffle

Check out my hot breakfast date I had this morning.

Waffle (1)

This is Waffle. Is she precious or what??  Last week, poor little Waffle was found abandoned in a parking lot at a Waffle House (hence, her adorable and somehow very fitting name).  Luckily for her, Agape Animal Rescue’s new office manager, Rebecca, just happened to be driving by and, well – welcome to the Agape family, Waffle!

Waffle (4)

Waffle desperately needed to hitch a ride to the vet to take care of some “surgical lady business” before she started “feeling romantic.” (OK, OK, she needed to get spayed before she went into heat.) Let’s just say, time was of the essence. Unfortunately Rebecca, who is temporarily fostering her until she’s ready to go to her foster family, was busy with other Agape business and unable to take her.

I’ve wanted to cross “transport” off of my rescue bucket list for a while now. Even though this was just a short trip to the vet’s office and only took a couple of hours out of my morning, it was a huge help to Agape. And, bonus for me, I got to start my day with this precious face!  I admit it, I was smitten. As much as I love all 100 pounds of dog currently living at Foster House, but sometimes I just want to scoop up a tiny little fur ball and love on her. And at 16 pounds, precious Waffle fit the bill.

Waffle (5)

 That’s right folks, just 16 pounds – she’s so tiny! And at three years old, she’s full-grown! A full-grown Beagle at just 16 pounds…some of the Agape folks have called her a “Pocket Beagle,” but I’ve dubbed her a “Beagle Bite.” Much better, right?

If you want to get involved in rescue, but are unable to donate or foster, please consider making yourself available to transport. A few hours out of your day can be an enormous help to rescue organizations. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might get to hang out with a pup as awesome as Waffle.

Waffle (3)

Waffle will soon be available for adoption. If you’d like to add this little Beagle Bite to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE About Cooper: #9 – 12

Today we’re continuing on our journey exploring 28 things that YOU, as Cooper’s adopters, are going to love about him…

#9 Hopelessly Devoted to You

The way Cooper feels about his People goes beyond affection, catapulting past love and landing squarely at devotion. There is nothing in Cooper’s world that fulfills his purpose in life like being near his People.

Coopers 150

You’ve heard of “shadow dogs”? I call Cooper “my tail” because he is always right behind me, glued to my side as I move around the house. Have you ever seen a cuter “tail”?

Coopers 124

#10 He entertains himself at meal times.

We’ve used The Egg to feed Cooper every last one of his meals, pretty much since day one of his tenure at Foster House.  Mostly, the reason for this is because he will scarf down his whole bowl of food in about three seconds if we let him.

Coopers 071

But another reason is that he absolutely loves his Egg (which is actually called the Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble). It combines play time with meal time, which are two of Cooper’s Favorite Things.

#11 He looks good nekkid.

As extensive as Cooper’s wardrobe is, he looks damn cute in the buff, no?

#12 He lets you lick his face…

….if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you think Cooper is the man for you, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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We interrupt our regularly scheduled 28 Things You’re Going to LOVE about Cooper to bring you this super-duper urgent (and super-crappy) news out of Tennessee. If you are a Tennessee resident, PLEASE write your state representatives and urge them to vote AGAINST these amendments!

Coopers 145

Bless the Bullys

Amendments to bills currently pending in the Tennessee House and Senate would regulate the ownership of and automatically label “pit bulls” as vicious dogs at the state level.  House Bill 621 is sponsored by Representative Gilmore, and Senate Bill 865 is sponsored by Senator Tate, and proposed amendments to those bills came to light earlier this week.  Please note, the addition of the breed specific language is a proposed amendment, and is not reflected in the bills posted on the Tennessee Legislature’s website.  A copy of the proposal, however, is below.

The amendments will be heard and voted on at the upcoming hearing in the House Subcommittee on Agriculture and Natural Resources.  That is the purpose of this call to action — to ensure that these amendments do not make it out of committee, and YOU play a very important role in making that happen.

HB621has been assigned to the House Subcommittee on…

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28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE about Cooper: # 6-8

Well February has come and gone, and it turns out I was a little ambitious attempting to share 28 things that Cooper’s furever family is going to love about him. Not because I had trouble coming up with 28 things – on the contrary, I could probably think of 28,000 things…the problem was this silly little thing called “life” kept getting in the way of my bloggings!  Stupid life…anyway, I promised you wonderful blog readers 28 Things You’re Gonna Love About Cooper, and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get!  It might be halfway through summer by the time we get through them, but they’re comin’…

#6 Even his toots are cute.

Dogs have gas. This is an unavoidable truth. We’ve had many dogs come and go through Foster House, and much flatulence to accompany them. And though Cooper is no exception to this gaseous rule, his toots are without a doubt the cutest of them all. How is this possible?

Coopers 140

Simple: he toots as he jumps up onto the couch. I can’t really explain it any other way, it’s as if his toot catapults him into the air.  You’ll just have to trust me on this, it’s hilarious and adorable.

#7 That smile!

I'm ready for my close-up!

Yep, even without his front K-9 toothers….

Coopers 038.1

Best smile ever.  Seriously, just try coming home after a bad day and attempt to stay in a bad mood after being greeted by this grin. Impossible.

Cooper 766

#8 Beautiful Dreamer

This is a nightly occurence.

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue. Did we mention that his adoption fee is sponsored?



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