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28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE About Cooper: # 4 – 5

Whoops, running a little behind, aren’t we! Let’s catch up…This month we are dedicated the blog to 28 things that YOU, Cooper’s Person, are going to love about Cooper.  One wonderful adorable trait for each day of February. 

#4 He’s really good at cheering up homesick college students!

Last weekend Cooper took part in a fundraiser for Agape Animal Rescue called Puppy Love.

Coopers 119

Cooper and Oscar and another Agape adoptable pup, Jackson, spent the afternoon on campus at Belmont University.  In exchange for a small donation, college students who were missing there pets at home got to spend some quality time with these three dogs, who of course, loved every minute of it. 

Coopers 109

“Attention, scratches and snuggles for me? YES please!”

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate and we couldn’t be outside as originally planned, we improvised in an empty classroom with beautiful flourescent lighting and tables draped with sheets as dividers. It may not have been pretty, but it was a blast!

Coopers 088

I’m sure Jackson did quite well, but Oscar and Cooper were a total hit. And Cooper ate up the attention with a spoon. He plopped right down in one girl’s lap, and I couldn’t get a clear picture because he wouldn’t stop wiggling with joy!

Coopers 097

“I can have more pets now please yes??”

Nearly ever student who came by fell in insta-love with our boys, as they shared stories about their own pets back home. Cooper played his role perfectly, lapping up any attention that was offered his way. He leaned into their ear scratches and rolled over for their belly rubs. He even offered a smooch or two for those who were into that sort of thing.  And an extra bonus: our afternoon resulted in two of the sleepiest pups I have ever seen. Who would have thought being so adorable and getting undivided attention would have been so exhausting?


I’ve said it before…the motto of The Cooper is Play Hard, Sleep Hard. But it’s the “play” part that is so much fun to watch!

If you’d like to add Cooper to your Family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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Will you be Mine? Furever?

Happy Valentines’ Day from Foster House!

Cooper's Valentine

So, my wonderful and loyal friends and blog readers…dudes, I know, we are waaaaaaaay behind on February’s theme of 28 things you’ll LOVE about Cooper. Foster Mom is going to take the full blame on this one. I have been wicked busy this month so far, and while I have plenty of time to ponder all the things I love about Cooper, I’ve had just about zero time for blogging.  Unless I can get my act together STAT, we’ll be running way over into March.  Please stick with us though, I promise it will be worth the wait! Just for a quick little teaser, some things you’ll LOVE about Cooper coming up include:

He’s really great at cheering up homesick college students.

He loves to play!

He won’t only just “let you” manhandle him, he loves it!

Have we mentioned The Snuggle?

So stay tuned. Trust me, there are plenty of things we LOVE about Cooper that I know you will too. In the meantime, won’t you share Cooper’s Valentine with someone you love? He’s looking for his Furever home, and he can’t wait to love them!

Coopers 125

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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28 Things You’ll LOVE About Cooper: #2 – 3

We’re dedicating the month of February YOU – Cooper’s Person! So, potential adopter…let’s continue down our list of 28 Things You’ll LOVE About Cooper.

#2 Those Ears!

Coopers 064

Cooper’s ears are the most adorable things on the planet. Seriously, look it up – there literally is nothing cuter. Especially the left one – it’s perpetually pointed off to the side in a delightfully precious way. Not only are Cooper’s ears adorable, they are also super-duper squishably soft like velvet.

Cooper 614.1

Cooper loves getting his those floppy ears rubbed and scratched, and is even very good about letting you clean them out if they get yucky. This morning I was cleaning Oscar’s ears with a baby wipe and Cooper came running over to see what was going on. (“What’s this, mom? You are giving out attention? I would like some too please!”)

Coopers 021.1

So even though they were pretty squeaky clean, I gave Cooper’s ears a little wipe too. Coop just wagged and smiled and wiggled the whole time. 

#3 He’s the cutest little sleeper you ever did see.

Cooper 738

I’m starting to feel like I’m over-using the word “adorable,” but there’s really no better word to describe Cooper! Especially when he’s sleeping…oh man is he cute. Cooper’s motto is “Play hard, sleep hard.” It isn’t rare to find him passed out sitting up…

Cooper 578

…or with his tongue sticking out…

Coopers 028

Seriously now…how cute is that??

Coopers 040

…or upside down…

Cooper 935

Cooper 740

Cooper 939

…or, whatever this is…

Winter 175

The best thing about a sleeping Cooper is that he doesn’t even mind if you squish and love on him while he’s sleeping. Which is a good thing, because a sleeping Cooper is impossible to resist. Don’t even try, you won’t be able to do it. He’ll settle into your couch with a big siiiiiiigh and tuck his head just so, and there’s nothing you can do – before you know it, you’re sucked into the Cooper web of snuggle time.

Coopers 057

If you’re interested in adding Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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February: 28 Things You’ll LOVE About Cooper!

Cooper recently celebrated one year in foster care. I was going to start going into the “long answers” I alluded to in my last post, but I’m going to go another way.  I’m speaking now directly to Cooper’s Person. I know you’re reading, so pay attention…

Cooper 994


In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up this month, I’ve decided to dedicate all of February to things that you are going to LOVE about Cooper – one fabulous, wonderful, loveable, adoptable trait for each day of the month. I’m hoping that these posts will help you see Cooper the way Foster Dad and I see him – as one of the most amazing dogs we have had the pleasure of spending time with. So, let’s get started!

#1  His Fashion Sense

Cooper is one good lookin’ fellow, that much is undeniable. He has an impeccable fashion sense, and he will let you dress him in anything.  And boy can he rock a variety of looks. Here he is showing off his casual collegiate style in a stunning hoodie…

Cooper 489

Here’s Cooper showing his patriotic side

Cooper 769

And who says that bow ties are just for Pee Wee Herman and hipsters? Cooper can give ’em a run for their money…

Cooper 623

Cooper also has a new weapon in his fashion arsenal, that’s recently become all the rage in the doggie fashion world. Finally Cooper has his very own beautiful-hand-made-one-of-a-kind-knitted-with-love Snood from Tiennot Sweaters!

Coopers 076

I mean seriously, can he pull this look off or what?

Don't hate me because I'm adorable...

Don’t hate me because I’m adorable…

So there you have it, the first of 28 things you will LOVE about being Cooper’s Person.  When you adopt Cooper, Foster Dad and I just may have to send a couple of his favorite outfits with him, you know – just to get his collection started.

Are you ready to dress Cooper to the nines? The first step is to fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue. Oh, and you can take that adoption fee and use it for buying Cooper a few new outfits, because it’s been sponsored by a kick-ass Cooper supporter!



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