Pool Day

Oh my goodness, another record…Four months of silence on the ol’ bloggity-blog!  **hangs head in shame**

I promised you dear readers that we weren’t going anywhere, that even though we adopted Cooper and are on a semi-permanent hiatus from fostering, that the blog would live on. So, thanks to a gentle nudge from one of our favorite blogs, live on it shall…

You guys, is it hot where you are this summer? Because in Nashville, it is HOT. We are finally to a point in our ongoing backyard project where it’s becoming a usable space, and what better use to put it to than to help keep the pups cool on a hot summer day?

Pool Day (1)

Oscar loves the water, we know this for sure. Cooper is OK with it, though not quite as enamored with the wet stuff as his brother. We were interested to see how he would like his very own pool. So we dusted off the ol’ Sirius Republic water-doggin’ collars and a kiddie pool and let the magic happen. Oscar’s reaction did not surprise us, though it appears that Coop was much more interested in his old dear friend, the garden hose.

And of course what’s any good pool day without a little sunbathing?

Pool Day (4)

One five dollar kiddie pool =  two happy pups.

Pool Day (7)

How do you keep your pups cool in the summer? Are they water-lovers like Oscar or would they rather keep their paws dry like Cooper?



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5 responses to “Pool Day

  1. Loved seeing video of the boys! Rufus falls somewhere in-between – he absolutely loves lakes and rivers but kiddie pools are of little to no interest to him. And oceans? Well, once the waves start he is a totally chicken haha.

    Welcome back! 🙂


  2. Cooper says hey Bro why you standing in our water bowl?! Missed you guys!! The boys look ever so happy.


  3. Yay, a post!

    If Boomer had his choice he’d swim all the time while Dottie runs from the wet stuff!


  4. Rebelwerewolf

    Don’t feel bad… I just returned to blogging after over a year of silence. Here in New England, we get at most a month of true summer, and it’s already starting to cool down. It’s a sore point for me because I’m from Texas.


  5. Yay!!!!! This just made me so happy!!!! Missed seeing all things you guys!


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