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A Very Cooper Christmas

A lot of our posts lately have centered around what it means for Cooper now that he is a permanent member of our family. This whole next year will be filled with “Coopers first ____________ as a member of our family.”  And next week, Cooper will experience a big one: Cooper’s first Christmas!

Of course you remember that Cooper was with us last year for the holidays. He got a whole round of “first” that week, too – he got to travel out-of-state, stay in a hotel, pretend to be a “city dog,” and experience snow for the first time. But this year, we’re staying put here in Nashville, so Cooper will get to see what Christmas Morning is all about. His excitement is contagious.

"I hear there's some dude in a red suit gonna try to break in here while we're asleep. Not on my watch."

“I hear there’s some dude in a red suit gonna try to break in here while we’re asleep. Not on my watch.”

There were a few items we had to secure this year now that Cooper is a family member. He already has his own stocking, so we could check that off the list early.


Oscar has his own Christmas ornament,


…so of course Cooper needed one too.


We’re also a big fan of the photo holiday cards, so naturally Cooper’s gorgeous mug had to be included this year.


And finally, Cooper was forced to got to partake in my own little annual tradition of getting embarrassed dressed up to take the photo for next year’s Christmas card.


He put his paw down at the antlers.

Wishing you and yours a happy-merry-jolly holiday season, from our family to yours!



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So Now What?

Last week we announced that Cooper is now a permanent member of our family. Turns out, we just couldn’t bear the thought of letting the little nugget go! Which begs the question – now what?

Summa 089

I started this blog two years ago to chronicle our journey as a Foster Family. While Cooper continues to work on himself, that portion of our lives is put on hold. We decided a long time ago that things work best around here as a two-dog household, especially when one of our perma-dogs is a little “particular” about what kind of canine company he enjoys. But even though we won’t be fostering again for the time being, fear not faithful readers – the blog is here to stay.

We started this blog as a foster-centric endeavor, but it turns out we have a lot more to talk about: Local eventslarge-scale rescues, reviews of our favorite puppy swag


…and of course, there are always adorable hilarious antics of these two crazy beasts to keep us busy!

Oh, and remember how there was a very generous Cooper supporter who sponsored his adoption fee?  We decided to pay it forward and sponsor the dog who’s been in the Agape program the longest (after Cooper, of course). This is Prince – one of the dogs rescued during Animal Rescue Corps’ Operation Freedom.


Price had been in the Agape program since July 2013, and the poor guy had his own set of fear issues that were keeping him from finding his Furever. Well, it turns out that a sponsorship was all Prince’s foster mom needed to make the leap and join the Foster Failure Club!


Congratulations Prince & Carolyn!



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