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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that everyone out there has a safe, happy Thanksgiving today, filled with lots of yummy treats and tummy rubs. Here at Foster House, we’ll be giving thanks for these wonderful folks…

…and of course, there’s these two:

Happy Thanksgiving from Dave, Laura, Oscar & Cooper!



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Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How do you measure a year in the life of fostering?

In tongue licks? In vet trips? In good-byes and happy endings?

In lake swims? In bath times? In laughter and tears…

Pop a cork, today is our one-year blogiversary!  We can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since we started this journey, but at the same time we can’t believe it’s been a year already…it seems like just yesterday I was typing “how to start a blog” into the Google-machine (yes, I really did that).

I started this blog primarily as a way to chronicle our misadventures as we navigated this world that was new to us, this world of animal rescue and dog fostering.  It seemed so foreign, and like such a huge undertaking.  We were wicked intimidated, but somehow the idea of writing it all down made it less scary. 

The other main reason I wanted to blog about our foster dogs was to help potential adopters get to know them. I remembered that when we were searching for Oscar, I scanned through hundreds of online dog profiles.  While I skipped right over the ones that had bad photos little-to-no information beyond age, sex & breed, and I found myself drawn to the ones who had detailed profiles that told a story about the dogs’ personalities, good quality photos and sometimes even videos.  So I wanted to write a blog that would make our dogs irresistable to me as a potential adopter, if I came across a link on a dog’s online profile.

Instead of summarizing the last year (which would probably take me another year to do), and after yesterday’s post that apparently left some of you in tears (sorry about that), let’s have some fun!  

I want to start with one of my favorite things to do when checking our blog stats – search term results.  WordPress keeps track of what people type into the Google-machine to get to our blog.  I’m pretty sure that even if our blog comes up in the search results, they have to actually click on the link and visit the blog for the search term to count.  So, even if these folks were looking for something completely different than a blog about foster dogs, perhaps they got a little chuckle out of a funny dog story before they continued on their way. Here are some of my favorite search terms that have led people to our blog over the past year:

himym dog pie (Not sure where the “dog pie” part comes in, but I’m pretty sure “himym” is from this post. Love that show! )

dogs running all over the world (Oh, if only the world was full of responsible dog owners, this wouldn’t happen!)

river of pee (Um, gross…but yep, I can see how that might have happened.)

why are dogs better than people (How much time have you got?)

i took all the dogs  (If you’re a Hyperbole and a Half fan, then this image is already in your head…)

can you take a dog who isn’t well behaved to the dog park (I hope that after reading this post, they learned that the answer to that question is NO!!!)

anal infection swag (I don’t know what they were searching for, but I hope this post helped answer their questions)

the importance of support from your friends (ain’t it the truth)

fostering through agape (Maybe one of you out there is considering joining the Agape family? Just maybe?)

dipping dogs for tricks in a hole (Huh??)

happy birthday donkey (Double huh???)

And my favorite search term result of all time….

why is fostering dogs important (We must be doing something right!)

OK, so now I have to know…have any of you stumbled on our blog “by accident,” and if so, what were you originally searching for?  Feel free to fess up down in the comments, and thanks for sticking around!

In looking through our search results, I deduced that the Google-machine must take comments into account as well as the text in our posts.  On that note, I thought it was interesting (thought not really at all surprising) that our top commenters all also happen to have blogs of their own (check them out over in our Blogroll).  Unfortunately WordPress only keeps track of comment statistics for the last six months instead of the whole year, but you get the idea…

Thanks to everyone who joined in the conversation by leaving comments.  I’ve learned a lot from your advice, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you (and your fur-babies) quite well by reading what you have to say.  Also, you guys have absolutely cracked me up!   

And now for some “fun by numbers”!

Number of dogs fostered: six

Number of foster dogs we’ve wanted to keep furever: six

Number of happy endings (so far): five (Barney, Tucker, Kaylee, Roxie, & Molly Tamale)

Number of adoption/returns: one

Quickest adoption: two weeks

Longest tenant: eight months (…and counting)

Number of trips to the vet with a foster dog: six (never a dull moment at Foster House!)

Number of posts: 188

Total number of blog views: 33,199 (wow!)

Highest number of views on one post: 302 (The Return of the Tamale)

Least viewed post: Our second post ever, Officially Applied, and our first holiday post, Thankful, were tied at 27, followed by Tucker Sees a Ghost at 33 (Wait, seriously, only 33 of you saw Tucker Sees a Ghost?  Go check it out right now, that dog was hilarious!)

Most views in one day: 341 (A New Record – fitting, huh?)

Blog subscribers: 61

HBAMF Facebook followers: 390 (can we make it to 400 by Monday??)

Number of chewed-up pieces of furniture: three

Large-scale rescue efforts in our area: two (Operation Sweethearts and Operation Freedom)

Number of foster dog escapes: three (Tucker’s Big Adventure…never really mentioned the other two, have I?)

Number of successful recoveries: three (whew!)

Surprise fosters: one

Number of collars: nine

Training classes: three (Dogs & Kat, we are eternally grateful!)

Times I’ve doubted myself: more than I care to admit.

Times I’ve regretted becoming a foster mom: zero.

Would I do it all again?  In a heartbeat. 

Thanks for sticking with us during the first year of our foster adventure! 
Whaddaya say, shall we go another year?
Let’s do this…



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Support for One of Our Own

The one thing that has amazed me time and again since we started fostering is the overwhelming support I’ve felt from the rest of the rescue community.  Animal rescue, as rewarding as it is, can be tough, thankless and frustrating at times.  Knowing that all of you out there are standing right along with us has meant the world to us.  So this weekend, when I heard that one of our own was in trouble, it shook me to the core. 

Our second foster pup through Agape Animal Rescue was Kaylee – liberated from life on a chain by kind strangers, and accepted into the Agape program to find her change at happiness.  Kandice and Larry adopted Kaylee from us just before Christmas last year, and re-named her Kate

It was insta-love….Kandice and Larry were immediately taken with Kate, and Kate excelled under the love and guidance from her new mom, who just happens to be a professional dog trainer.  She loved playing with her new brother Ben, snuggling on the couch with her new mom, and even flying with her new dad in his plane.


Kate was firmly settled in to the best Furever Home that Foster Dad and I could have imagined for her.  It’s such a great feeling as a foster family knowing that one of the dogs who passed through your doors is safe, happy and loved.

Furever Day wasn’t the last time Agape heard from Kandice and Larry. Since then, Kate and Ben have become foster siblings to some of Agape’s toughest rehabilitation cases.  They took in Jake from Operation Sweethearts, and taught him how to trust and be part of a family.

Sweetheart Jake with his Furever Family.

Then, when Agape took in fourteen dogs this summer from Operation Freedom, Kate and her family brought Angel into their home.

I had the honor of meeting Angel at the temporary shelter.  Well, that is, if you can call our interaction “meeting” each other.  More accurately, Angel cowered in the back of her crate while I gave her fresh food and water, and cleaned her crate around her.  She had patches of missing hair and sores covered her skin.  She was underweight and terrified of everything. The only word I could think of to describe Angel was “broken.”  But even so, it was clear that she had a beautiful soul.  I knew it would take a very special foster home to bring Angel back from the brink.   Enter Kandice and Larry…

Kandice getting medications and instructions the day she took Operation Freedom dog, Angel, home from the emergency shelter.

Angel went home with Kandice after a month at the emergency shelter. Kandice reports that as recently as a couple weeks ago, Kate has finally taught Angel how to play.

“Kate is the best big sister ever. She finally got Angel to play with her last night. Angel was having the time of her life for the first time.” ~Kandice

 Agape and the dogs in their program are lucky to have foster parents like Kandice and Larry on their side. They are amazing, wonderful giving people with enormous hearts. 

Last week, Kandice and Larry were in a bad motorcycle accident.  We’d like to respect their privacy and not go into too much detail, but I can say that although Kandice has been released, Larry remains in the hospital.  Agape is rallying the troops here in Nashville to find another foster home for Angel, so Kandice and Larry can focus all their energy on getting well.

If everyone could spare a few moments to send some positive energy their way, I’m sure Kandice and Larry could use it. If you would like to send some words of encouragement and support to these animal heroes, you can leave a note for them in the comments here, or you can mail them a card at the address below.

Kandice & Larry
c/o Agape Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 292766
Nashville, TN 37229-2766



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Jake & Kate

Remember this guy?

This is Jake.  He’s one of the seventeen dogs that Agape Animal Rescue has taken in from Operation Sweethearts, the cruelty case busted by Animal Rescue Corps on Valentine’s Day.  He was kept outside 24 hours a day, living in filth, hungry, cold and scared.  Guess where Jake is now?

Recognize his snuggle buddy?  That’s right!  That’s former foster Kaylee (now Kate) – Jake was taken in by her amazing furever family to help nurse him back to health and get him ready to find People of his very own!   Kate’s superstar dog trainer mom, Kandice, reports of Jake’s first night in his new pad:

“You can see by the picture Jake is loving his new place. He will come to me on first day but very cautious…Will keep you posted as to his progress. I think Kate and Jake are going to be best friends.”

I look at these two together, warm and safe and happy, and I can’t help but think that the beginning part of Kate’s life has an eerie similarity to Jake’s…she’s going to be such a good foster-sister to Jake, because she can relate to the pain and uncertainty he’s been through.  And thanks to Agape and ARC, neither of them have to worry about going back to that kind of life ever again!

For information on adopting Jake, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.
A lot of the Sweethearts that Agape took in from this rescue operation continue to need extensive medical care.  Please consider donating towards their needs.



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Kiss Me, Kate

Lovely Miss Kaylee got adopted yesterday, and has a brand new name to go with her new life.  A name fit for the princess that she is: Kate. 

Like the most famous Kate of the past year, our Kate is poised,  polite and beautiful.  And just like “that other” Kate, she’s also embarking on a brand new adventure, and her life will never be the same.  She’s joining a new family who will certainly treat her like royalty.


We have to thank Kate’s paparazzi, Amiee Stubbs Photography,  for these lovely professional photos.  Amiee is a local animal lover, and has a soft spot for pitties.  She generously donated her time and skills last week to take some glamour shots of Kaylee Kate, hoping they would help her get adopted.

Little did we know that by the time the photos were ready, Kate’s future would have already been determined.  However that’s not going to stop us from showing off her lovely work!  Thank you, Amiee! 

Congratulations on your new beginning, Princess Kate!  Though you’ve left your old life far behind, always know that we, as your foster parents, consider ourselves lucky to have been a part of it.  We miss you like crazy.  We will love you forever.  And we will never forget you.



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Kaylee – ADOPTED?!?!

Wait, what?  There’s no way that Kaylee actually got adopted in less than four weeks.

After Kaylee visited Santa, she asked me if I thought he would grant her Christmas wish.  “Will he help my People find me, momma?” I choked back a tear, slapped a smile on my face, took her mushy face in my hands as I looked deep into her beautiful eyes and said,”I sure hope so, Kaylee-girl. No one deserves it more than you do.”

But in my heart I knew it was a long shot – we only had a few short weeks before Christmas, and we hadn’t had one single inquiry about Kaylee.  Even if someone did decide they were interested in her, would we even have enough time to go through the adoption process in time for Kaylee to spend Christmas morning under the tree with her new People?

Well unbeknownst to me, at the very same time I was trying to be optimistic on the prospect of Kaylee spending Christmas in her forever home, Kaylee’s new mom was falling in love with her online profile.

Farewell, tennis ball Kong. I must be moving on!

Meet Kandice and Larry, Kaylee’s new People!  This high activity couple lives in a beautiful home with their Schnauzer, Ben.  Larry is a pilot, and Kandice is (get this) a dog trainer.  (Seriously.  I mean, could it get any better?) Since Larry travels, Kandice wanted a larger dog to keep her company while hiking.  And to spoil rotten, of course.

Kaylee, now Kate, will be living the good life from now on.  She went from a chain, to a backyard pen, to a temporary foster home, to our Foster House, and now finally to her furever home, all in the first year of her life.  Her bouncing around days are finally over. She’s already made herself right at home…

…and just in time for Christmas.


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Dog Park Princess Strikes Again

Since Kaylee’s first trip to the dog park, we’ve been making it a regular outing.  The dogs love it, they have a great time (even if it does result in Bath Time) and come home exhausted.  Kaylee gets along great with the other dogs, and she means business when it comes to play time. 

She runs and chases her foster brother:

She loves fetch, and understand the importance of getting to the ball before the other dog:

…even when that dog is foster brother:

When she got tired of fetch, she hunkered down with her new love, Tennis Ball:

She even made time to bond with foster mom:

Then, just when we thought she was pooped and ready to call it a day, she’d be off again!

For information on adopting Kaylee, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.



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Crate Expectations

We are huge fans of crate training at Foster House.  Crates act as a dog’s “den” and become a safe place for them to go to sleep, hide, or just chill. They’re also extremely handy when potty training a puppy, or introducing a new foster dog into the house.  And we’ve had pretty good success at it so far.

Oscar slept in “his room” without complaint beginning the day we got him and never looked back.

I love my room.

Tucker took to the crate instantly and loved it as his little hide out.  Sometimes when we’d be watching TV or cooking dinner, we’d look at each other and say, “Where’s Tucker?” only to find him curled up in his crate taking a snooze. 

Don't mind me, I'm just chillin'.

Kaylee on the other hand has been a bit more challenging.  After starting her life on a backyard chain, then spending time in an outdoor kennel before coming to us, she hadn’t really had a lot of experience in a crate.  The first couple nights we had her, she cried for about 5 minutes before settling down to go to sleep.  Unfortunately it went downhill from there, to the point where at its worst, she was crying for upwards of an hour every night when we’d put her in the crate, and then off-and-on all night long, then again starting around 6:00 AM.  She would rather have slept anywhere but the crate, like here:


…or here:

It was rough.  Finally, we got a suggestion to move Kaylee’s crate from the kitchen into our bedroom, with the idea that maybe one reason she’s so distressed at night is because she’s separated from her “pack.”  So we did just that, and you would not believe the difference it made.  We thought for sure she’d still cry a bit, at least at first…but the very first night we moved her crate into our bedroom, she didn’t make a sound. Not. One. Peep.  All night long!

Then, last night, we had a major breakthrough.  As we were starting to power down for the night, Kaylee walked back to the bedroom and went into her crate on her own.  And laid down.  All by herself.  Without us even asking her to!

Let me say that again, because I’m not quite sure you really get how amazing that is: this is the same dog who would dig in her heels when we said “time for bed.” Who we had to literally drag into the crate at night, who could not be coaxed or bribed by treats or toys or anything.  When it was getting late, if we so much as said her name and took a step towards the kitchen, she would pancake herself against the couch, as if to say, “No way, no how, my friends, I am stayin right here.”

I'm good right, here thanks. No crate for me, no thank you.

It’s now been four nights since we moved the crate, that’s four nights of quiet bed times, and sleeping through the night without a sound.  We may eventually work on gradually moving the crate back into its normal spot in the kitchen, but for now we’re just enjoying the peace and quiet. Bliss.

For information on adopting our Sleeping Beauty, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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Kaylee and the Egg

We’ve gotten a lot of good advice over the few years we’ve been dog owners, and the few months we’ve been fosters.  When Oscar was young and in his Puppy Kindergarten class, our instructor introduced us to the idea of feeding him meals out of interactive treat/food dispenser toys, so we used to feed Oscar all of his meals out of “the egg.”   For some reason or another we’ve gotten away from it recently, but we decided to bust it out again with Kaylee because she just…Eats.  So.  Fast! 

These toys are great for a lot of reasons.   They help the dog eat slower, which obviously keeps them occupied longer (and gives you more time to do the laundry or cook diner undisturbed).  They also help exercise Kaylee’s mind as she tries to figure out how to gain access to her breakfast. 

Dogs need to practice their problem solving skills just like we do.  When their mind gets a work out, it mentally wears them out, just like a good walk physically wears them out.  This helps keep them engaged, sharp, and most importantly, not bored.  Because I think we all know what can happen when dogs get bored.

Kaylee is demonstrating “the egg” (as we call it, it’s actually called a Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble) here.  After Oscar got too good at it, it was no longer a challenge for him, so we added a Buster Cube to the rotation.  We’ll have to see how long it takes Kaylee to master it and move on to the Cube.

She’s pretty good at it so far, I don’t think it will be too long!

For more information on adopting Kaylee, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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Since Kaylee has been doing so amazing getting along with her foster brother and other dogs at the Dog Park, we’ve been making it a pretty frequent trip.  It never fails, we always come home with two very happy tired pups.  However, with the Dog Park comes lots of wrasslin’, slobber, mud, and delightfully smelly things to roll in.  We just couldn’t put it off any longer:  it’s Bath Time at Foster House.

What exactly is going on, here?

"Wait, why are you doing this to me?"

"But, I've been a good girl! What's going on?!?"

"Oh, it's over? Well that wasn't so bad...."

Even the collars got a bath.

All clean after a bath!

Dog Park and Bath Time all in one day is a lot of work!

"If enduring the evils of Bath Time means I get to snugle on Daddy's lap, then I'm in."

Kaylee, you’ve been holding out on us.  We’re on to your little secret now – that after Bath Time your beautiful brindle fur becomes as soft as velvet.  And since Snuggles are your absolute favoritest thing on the entire planet, I think you will come to enjoy bath time…since afterwords we are powerless against the draw of your sweet puppy shampoo smelling cushy furry face.  So I present to you this bargain:  if you promise to continue being as well-behaved during Bath Time as you were this time around, in return we promise to give you as many Snuggles as you want, for as long as we are lucky enough to have you with us.  Deal?
“Deal. Now get back over here and Snuggle me.”
If you would like to experience Kaylee’s post-bath snuggly softness for yourself, please contact Agape Animal Rescue


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