Jake & Kate

Remember this guy?

This is Jake.  He’s one of the seventeen dogs that Agape Animal Rescue has taken in from Operation Sweethearts, the cruelty case busted by Animal Rescue Corps on Valentine’s Day.  He was kept outside 24 hours a day, living in filth, hungry, cold and scared.  Guess where Jake is now?

Recognize his snuggle buddy?  That’s right!  That’s former foster Kaylee (now Kate) – Jake was taken in by her amazing furever family to help nurse him back to health and get him ready to find People of his very own!   Kate’s superstar dog trainer mom, Kandice, reports of Jake’s first night in his new pad:

“You can see by the picture Jake is loving his new place. He will come to me on first day but very cautious…Will keep you posted as to his progress. I think Kate and Jake are going to be best friends.”

I look at these two together, warm and safe and happy, and I can’t help but think that the beginning part of Kate’s life has an eerie similarity to Jake’s…she’s going to be such a good foster-sister to Jake, because she can relate to the pain and uncertainty he’s been through.  And thanks to Agape and ARC, neither of them have to worry about going back to that kind of life ever again!

For information on adopting Jake, please contact
Agape Animal Rescue.
A lot of the Sweethearts that Agape took in from this rescue operation continue to need extensive medical care.  Please consider donating towards their needs.



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8 responses to “Jake & Kate

  1. This is amazing – fostering is contagious!


  2. Awwwww! Kate is going to be such a good foster sister! Very, very cool!


  3. Hopefully the beginning of something truly wonderful, thank you for sharing stories that demonstrate people’s kindness and love for dogs, it restores faith and balances out all the cruelty reported in the news.


  4. awww I can’t wait to hear how he improves!

    Stop on by for a visit


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