Molly Tamale – ADOPTED…furever!

I think we found it this time, girl!  The Furever you’ve really been waiting for.  We’ve searched high and low and finally came up with the best home ever for you – and you deserve it!

“Are you sure this time? Don’t tease me!”

Molly’s new People are Mike and Marla.  They lost their beloved family dog, Annie, to old age a year and a half ago.  They were understandably devastated, and needed to take some time before they added another furry member to their family.  This past winter, Marla saw Molly Tamale’s profile online, and that little spot in her heart that had been reserved for puppy love, that had been locked up tight since Annie’s passing, started to crack open.  Unfortunately, Molly got adopted before Marla could inquire about her any further.  Disappointed, she put her dog search on hold.

When Molly recently came up for adoption again, Marla took it as a sign of “meant to be.”  She filled out an application right away, and as soon as Foster Dad and I saw it, our hearts leapt up into our throats.  On paper, Mike and Marla were exactly what we had pictured for Molly!  But, having been wrong before, we wanted to make sure we got it right for Molly this time.  We held our breath and decided that the best place for Molly to show off her real personality would be in the house that she’s used to.  So we dropped the boys at daycare (to eliminate distraction) and invited Mike and Marla over to meet Molly. 

It could not have gone better!

Foster Dad and I have never seen Molly Tamale warm up to a “stranger” like she did with Marla.  As we’ve mentioned before, Molly has an independent streak.  She’s affectionate in her own way, but she rarely seeks out attention.  So when Molly chose, on her own, to go over and lay at Marla’s feet – I knew it was Right.

Molly Tamale showing affection in her own way.

Molly must have felt the puppy love pouring out of Marla’s heart towards her, because she was glued to her for the entire visit. Mike and Marla were both sold, and so was Molly Tamale.  We moved forward with the next step, taking Molly out to their home to we could see where Molly would hang out make sure they had a window.  Check and check!

Molly Tamale seemed as equally smitten with Mike and Marla as they were with her. 

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe Marla wasn’t truly “ready” for a new dog in her life during Molly’s first go-round at Foster House.  Maybe Molly Tamale wasn’t done exploring the globe yet.  Call it fate, call it destiny, call it divine intervention.  I call it Furever.

Congratulations, Molly Tamale!  We love you forever, and we’ll never forget you.



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20 responses to “Molly Tamale – ADOPTED…furever!

  1. How awesome for Miss Tamale!!!! You did so much for her and she deserves all the happiness in the world with her new family!


  2. Such great news, congrats to Molly Tamale! I hope her new home is going to be full of love and everything her little puppy heart has ever dreamed of.


  3. Full on tears of joy!!! Wishing Mols Tomals happy furever and ever and wishing you quiet, joyous moments as you reflect on all you’ve been through together!! Yay!


  4. Gayle Kerr

    Molly Tamale, you warm my heart and I wish you and Marla and Mike years of happiness:)


  5. What a great story! Congrats to them all!


  6. Terri Jones

    Molly Tamale is my new niece!!!! My brother and sister-in-law are her new furever parents. Can’t wait to meet her next month. Trust me, she will be well-loved and well-cared for in her new home…with windows galore to look out of!


  7. Yessss! So happy for Molly!


  8. Chrissy C

    Sincere thanks to you for fostering and making second chances happen!


  9. Yay hooray!!!!!

    Stop on by for a visit


  10. I am so happy for Miss Molly! What a happy ending for a great dog. Congrats to you, Molly and her new forever family!


  11. Callie's momma

    Tears of joy! That is fantastic!!


  12. daisypierce16

    Aww congrats to Molly and her new family! Great news =)


  13. How funny that Molly Tamale was glued to her new mom from the moment they met!!!! So telling in a really good way.


  14. Marla and Mike

    A quick update from Molly. She’s been with us 2 weeks today and she’s doing great. We’ve had a lot of family in for our son’s wedding and she has been great. She exceptionally good with our grandchildren, especially, Noah. He likes to lie down beside her and rub her head. She just soaks it up. She has also made a 3 hour trip to Louisville and slept nearly the entire way both ways. She’s a keeper.


  15. I got a little weepy when I read this one. Thanks for reminding me how much I miss fostering. Someday we will be back, but in the meantime, I am so happy that you are doing such excellent work!


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