Foxy Roxie – ADOPTED!

This weekend, the little puppy who unexpectedly entered our lives a month ago bounded off into the hearts of her Furever Family.  D, S and their 10-year old daughter A, all fell in love with Roxie’s fun personality and easy-going demeanor two weeks ago, when we met them at the park. 

(As hard as he tried to maintain a tough poker-face exterior, D especially was positively smitten right on the spot!)


The days dragged on while they waited for Roxie to get her Big Girl surgery, but finally the day arrived for Roxie to start the rest of her Furever.

Roxie really hit the jackpot with this family…A huge fenced in backyard, a little girl to grow up with and no other dogs to steal away her toys attention!   S is so sweet, she saw on the home visit how hard it was going to be for me and Foster Dad to give up this sweet little girl, so she had a lovely gift waiting for us.

And it’s true, it was tough to drive away.  I’m not going to lie, there were tears.  We have had such a blast with Roxie over the past month, watching her learn and grow and play with her foster brothers who just seemed to love the stuff outta her.  So as much as it pains us to let her go and break up this pack….

….we know in our hearts that this family is the absolute best thing for Roxie.  It is obvious they already are head over tails in love with her.  After all, doesn’t every puppy deserve her very own best friend to grow up with?

 As we always say to all of our foster dogs (as it is always true) – we love you forever, Roxie, and we will never forget you.

Congratulations on your finding your Furever!



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27 responses to “Foxy Roxie – ADOPTED!

  1. Congrats Roxy!!! We hope you enjoy the rest of your life with your family!!


  2. Awww sounds like a fantastic home, and I love how much they look to love her already. They simply can’t hide it, you can’t ask for much more than that. Well done!


  3. ok #1) thats like the mega millions!!! Her very own sister to grow up with? melts my heart.

    #2) I LOVE that picture of all three dogs on the steps, amazing!

    #3) Congrats on another successful adoption. 🙂


  4. That’s awesome! Now to find Cooper’s family…they’re out there somewhere looking for him!


  5. Congratulations, Roxie! Hopefully Cooper finds his forever home soon.


  6. Staci

    You know you’re a dog lover if a post like this brings a little tear to your eye… *sniff*
    Congrats Roxie!


  7. I’m thrilled for Roxy! Although I know there is a empty feeling for you guys now with your pack back down to two. Roxy should think her lucky stars for the day your paths crossed. Congrats sweet Roxy!


  8. SO awesome! What a great family, that last shot made me tear up at the end.


  9. woo hoo!

    Stop on by for a visit


  10. Go Roxie!!!! Fingers and paws crossed in NYC that Cooper is next! And that was so thoughtful of the family to write you such lovely note and bring you a small token of gratitude in appreciation for everything you’ve done for Roxie. I know from reading your blog that you love fostering and don’t do it for anything or anyone but the dogs, but it must be nice to get a sincere, heartfelt thank you every now and then. How did this family find you/Roxie? Did they just stumble upon you at the park as the post implies? If so, talk about destiny!


    • Thanks Tanya, we’ll take all the good vibes we can, from anywhere in the country! (or world??) You’re right, we don’t foster for any reason but for the love of those sweet pups, but it’s always awesome when someone appreciates what we do so sincerely! (…and stay tuned for more background on this happy ending!)


  11. FoxyRoxyLover

    Wow! That brought tears to our eyes! She has really done great….although, I know that she misses her foster parents and brothers some:) But, we have kept her very occupied! Roxy loves following her big sister around and is trying her darndest to figure out how to climb up the slide. We have been on walks, had plenty of rewards for good behavior and even the kitties are already loving on her!!! Midnight aka Black Kitty had a cat bath with Roxie today…..I can’t believe that just yesterday Black Kitty was puffed up porcupine as Roxie approached her, and today she is allowing licks of love:) Can’t wait to share our story and send you new pictures.

    PS….I hope you had a family sized glass of wine last night….you deserve it!



    • OK first of all, LOVE your handle! LOL I’m SO glad to hear how well Roxie is doing! Not that I ever had any doubt, you guys are awesome. I can’t believe that about Black Kitty, that’s really amazing – and awesome!! Can’t wait for pictures!! 🙂


  12. Aww, happy tears. And tears of understanding for the hole you have in your heart now. Great job guys! Keep on keepin’ on!


  13. Wonderful news! Wishing the best for Roxie and her new family!


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  15. Congrats to Roxie! I’m not gonna lie – this post made me cry a lot – Roxie’s story is so awesome! You did a great job with her and it sounds like her new family is amazing!


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