Every Dog was Once a Puppy

I’ve got puppies on the brain. Ever since we took in unexpected foster, Roxie, and helped out with the recent rescue of chained puppy, Olive, I just can’t get ’em out of my head.  The other day, Foster Dad and I were reminiscing on the ridiculous amount of cuteness we had on our hands during Oscar’s puppy days.  We got to musing about what adorable puppies our current foster pups certainly must have been.  Armed with my recent puppy obsession, I took to the Google-machine, and – well, see for yourself…

Victim #1:  Cooper.

Now Coop is a young guy as it is, probably not much more than a year old, so he still has a lot of puppy in him.  But to think of what he might have looked like as a teeny tiny bundle of brindle – serious swoon-age!

Source: Planet Pooch

Victim #2: Molly Tamale. 

Molly was a little tougher.  She’s so unique looking, and the inter-web is a huge place, where to begin?  I finally decided to go with Molly’s most distinctive characteristic, her beautiful blue merle coat.  Searching “blue merle puppy” yielded some serious cuteness, no?  

I must say, if you’ve got a puppy obsession and an internet connection, Google ain’t bad way to kill an afternoon!  Anyone else curious what your rescue dog looked like as a puppy?

If you’re interested in adding Cooper or Molly Tamale to your family, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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11 responses to “Every Dog was Once a Puppy

  1. Staci

    I looooove puppies but strangely, I like grown (or teenage) Italian greyhounds more than the same dog as a puppy! I guess it is their distinctive look. Lots of puppies look alike to me, short noses, big eyes, floppy ears… don’t get me wrong, those three features melt my heart every time… but once the features start to elongate, especially while they’re growing into their awkwardly long legs, THAT is the cutest thing to me.


  2. I wish I could see what my pups looked like as puppies some days

    Stop on by for a visit


  3. We’ve had Badger since he was a puppy, so we know what he looked like (not all that different from what he looks like now). This is fortunate, because he’s very unique looking, and we actually have not found any dogs that strongly resemble him.

    Mushroom looks like a typical chocolate brown pittie mix, so even though we didn’t have her as a puppy, we have a pretty good idea of what she looked like. But since she’s so small, many people assume she’s still a puppy anyway.


  4. You are good at this! We used to do the same thing with Miss M and Mr B and guess what they looked like as pups. The ones we’ve found of Mr B look like little stuffed animals.


  5. I love puppies, their little round tummies and that glorious puppy smell. I’m sure Cooper and Molly were adorable puppies, they’re extremely lovable now. Bundy was a shelter puppy that I fostered from 5 weeks, he and his little brother were with us for three weeks and the cuteness factor was through the roof and therefore lots and lots of cute puppy pics.


  6. We got Nola at 12 weeks, so we got to enjoy all her cute puppy-ness first hand. Delaynie on the other hand was 18 months old when we started fostering her a little over a month ago. Since she has had puppies herself, I picture her as a puppy looking like her daughter: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/21890722?photo_view=3. So cute!


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