The Lap Dog

Cooper is the very definition of a lap dog.  He loves to snuggle more than anything in the entire universe.  If there is a lap available, he is in it – even when it means interrupting helping momma read her book in the “no dogs” chair.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t think I can fully convey in words just how snuggly Cooper is.   He loves his people so much – he wants nothing more in the world than to be right where you are, at all times.  Call him a shadow, magnet-dog, or “clingy” if you want to, but I find his undying love and devotion endearing.  It’s a good thing for Cooper that he has a fit little 40-pound frame – it makes him perfectly lap sized.    

In addition to his propensity for snuggling, Cooper is truly a “lap dog” because he’s actually been lapped…twice!  Two foster dogs have come and gone through Foster House since Cooper joined us in January – unexpected foster puppy Roxie and repeat guest Molly Tamale

Seriously, what gives?  No really, interweb, I’m asking, does anyone have any idea how it’s possible that Cooper is still with us?  Because I don’t get it!  He. Is. AWESOME!  I mean, who doesn’t want a perfectly proportioned furry snuggle partner to share your chair/bed/couch/personal space with?

Believe me, I am not complaining.  I will take my sweet Cooper-snuggles while I can get ’em, and enjoy every moment of it!  I’m just trying to share the wealth a little…

If you’ve got the perfect lap for Cooper to curl up in furever, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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12 responses to “The Lap Dog

  1. Callie's momma

    I think Cooper is Gorgeous, and if we lived closer to you I’d definitely have to check him out! My Callie girl would just love having a buddie.


  2. It does surprise me that Cooper hasn’t been adopted yet … he is so stinking cute!


  3. If I lived anywhere near you, there is no way I could resist Cooper. ‘Lap Dog’ are the magic words to make my heart melt. I am a sucker for doggie cuddles. Hope he finds a permanent lap to snuggle on soon!


  4. Cooper doesn’t know that he’s not a 2 pound poodle. He sees himself as a lap dog in his world. What a wonderful world it is!


  5. Cooper’s such a handsome man – I think he seems like a total doll, and hopefully someone else will see that soon!


  6. The look on Cooper’s face in the first picture is priceless. “Really? You want to be staring at paper when you could be petting ME?”


  7. Copper is awesome and how can you not love a lapdog of that size, certainly more to love than the usual lapdog 🙂


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