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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that everyone out there has a safe, happy Thanksgiving today, filled with lots of yummy treats and tummy rubs. Here at Foster House, we’ll be giving thanks for these wonderful folks…

…and of course, there’s these two:

Happy Thanksgiving from Dave, Laura, Oscar & Cooper!



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Flashback Friday

Cooper is on quarantine because of The Hack.  We’re keeping Oscar on lockdown too, just to be on the safe side.  Foster Mom has the entire weekend off work, which is rare this time of year.  So we’ve got biiiiig plans this weekend to do absolutely nothing…

Coincidentally, that’s exactly what we were doing in this picture, taken way back when Foxy Roxie was a resident of Foster House.  The funny thing is that even now that we only have two dogs, they still don’t go out of their way to make room for Foster Dad up on the couch.

Happy weekend!

For information about adding Cooper to your family, please visit Agape Animal Rescue.

…and don’t forget to VOTE for COOPER!



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Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How do you measure a year in the life of fostering?

In tongue licks? In vet trips? In good-byes and happy endings?

In lake swims? In bath times? In laughter and tears…

Pop a cork, today is our one-year blogiversary!  We can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since we started this journey, but at the same time we can’t believe it’s been a year already…it seems like just yesterday I was typing “how to start a blog” into the Google-machine (yes, I really did that).

I started this blog primarily as a way to chronicle our misadventures as we navigated this world that was new to us, this world of animal rescue and dog fostering.  It seemed so foreign, and like such a huge undertaking.  We were wicked intimidated, but somehow the idea of writing it all down made it less scary. 

The other main reason I wanted to blog about our foster dogs was to help potential adopters get to know them. I remembered that when we were searching for Oscar, I scanned through hundreds of online dog profiles.  While I skipped right over the ones that had bad photos little-to-no information beyond age, sex & breed, and I found myself drawn to the ones who had detailed profiles that told a story about the dogs’ personalities, good quality photos and sometimes even videos.  So I wanted to write a blog that would make our dogs irresistable to me as a potential adopter, if I came across a link on a dog’s online profile.

Instead of summarizing the last year (which would probably take me another year to do), and after yesterday’s post that apparently left some of you in tears (sorry about that), let’s have some fun!  

I want to start with one of my favorite things to do when checking our blog stats – search term results.  WordPress keeps track of what people type into the Google-machine to get to our blog.  I’m pretty sure that even if our blog comes up in the search results, they have to actually click on the link and visit the blog for the search term to count.  So, even if these folks were looking for something completely different than a blog about foster dogs, perhaps they got a little chuckle out of a funny dog story before they continued on their way. Here are some of my favorite search terms that have led people to our blog over the past year:

himym dog pie (Not sure where the “dog pie” part comes in, but I’m pretty sure “himym” is from this post. Love that show! )

dogs running all over the world (Oh, if only the world was full of responsible dog owners, this wouldn’t happen!)

river of pee (Um, gross…but yep, I can see how that might have happened.)

why are dogs better than people (How much time have you got?)

i took all the dogs  (If you’re a Hyperbole and a Half fan, then this image is already in your head…)

can you take a dog who isn’t well behaved to the dog park (I hope that after reading this post, they learned that the answer to that question is NO!!!)

anal infection swag (I don’t know what they were searching for, but I hope this post helped answer their questions)

the importance of support from your friends (ain’t it the truth)

fostering through agape (Maybe one of you out there is considering joining the Agape family? Just maybe?)

dipping dogs for tricks in a hole (Huh??)

happy birthday donkey (Double huh???)

And my favorite search term result of all time….

why is fostering dogs important (We must be doing something right!)

OK, so now I have to know…have any of you stumbled on our blog “by accident,” and if so, what were you originally searching for?  Feel free to fess up down in the comments, and thanks for sticking around!

In looking through our search results, I deduced that the Google-machine must take comments into account as well as the text in our posts.  On that note, I thought it was interesting (thought not really at all surprising) that our top commenters all also happen to have blogs of their own (check them out over in our Blogroll).  Unfortunately WordPress only keeps track of comment statistics for the last six months instead of the whole year, but you get the idea…

Thanks to everyone who joined in the conversation by leaving comments.  I’ve learned a lot from your advice, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you (and your fur-babies) quite well by reading what you have to say.  Also, you guys have absolutely cracked me up!   

And now for some “fun by numbers”!

Number of dogs fostered: six

Number of foster dogs we’ve wanted to keep furever: six

Number of happy endings (so far): five (Barney, Tucker, Kaylee, Roxie, & Molly Tamale)

Number of adoption/returns: one

Quickest adoption: two weeks

Longest tenant: eight months (…and counting)

Number of trips to the vet with a foster dog: six (never a dull moment at Foster House!)

Number of posts: 188

Total number of blog views: 33,199 (wow!)

Highest number of views on one post: 302 (The Return of the Tamale)

Least viewed post: Our second post ever, Officially Applied, and our first holiday post, Thankful, were tied at 27, followed by Tucker Sees a Ghost at 33 (Wait, seriously, only 33 of you saw Tucker Sees a Ghost?  Go check it out right now, that dog was hilarious!)

Most views in one day: 341 (A New Record – fitting, huh?)

Blog subscribers: 61

HBAMF Facebook followers: 390 (can we make it to 400 by Monday??)

Number of chewed-up pieces of furniture: three

Large-scale rescue efforts in our area: two (Operation Sweethearts and Operation Freedom)

Number of foster dog escapes: three (Tucker’s Big Adventure…never really mentioned the other two, have I?)

Number of successful recoveries: three (whew!)

Surprise fosters: one

Number of collars: nine

Training classes: three (Dogs & Kat, we are eternally grateful!)

Times I’ve doubted myself: more than I care to admit.

Times I’ve regretted becoming a foster mom: zero.

Would I do it all again?  In a heartbeat. 

Thanks for sticking with us during the first year of our foster adventure! 
Whaddaya say, shall we go another year?
Let’s do this…



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Foster Update: Foxy Roxie

I was beyond excited to recieve this touching note from Roxie’s new mom, Stacy. It brings happy tears to my eyes to picture this sweet puppy, who entered our lives so unexpectadly, living the life she was meant to live, with the family she was meant to love.  We couldn’t be happier for her.  Enjoy! ~Laura

Picture Abby drew for Roxie on her first night in her new home, so she would never forget her Foster Family - the first people (and dogs) who ever loved her.

I have never had a big dog.  In fact, I think my largest pet was my beloved Boston Terrier, Brandi, who weighed in at a whopping 18 pounds. My husband, Dale and daughter, Abigail, have been talking about adopting a family pet for quite some time.  But, I had my special Brandi, my little lap dog of 12 years, that would not have approved of another dog in the house.  Let’s face it…she really didn’t approve of having Dale or Abby in the house either, but she learned to tolerate them over the years.  Sadly, my beloved pooch passed on a few months ago.  The word “devastation” seems like an understatement. 

Through my grief, I announced that I was never going to have another dog.  The pain of losing Brandi was too much to think about having to go through it again.  I cried, I sulked, I slept, I didn’t sleep, I ate too much and then I didn’t eat at all…I just missed her terribly. Then, I remembered something…a promise that I had made to a total stranger 3 years ago.

Abby and I had gone to the “Mutt Strut” in the summer of 2009.  I was proudly parading Brandi around Centennial Park, when we came upon an information table for Agape Animal Rescue.  I had a very nice conversation with a lady who was promoting the rescue. Abby was going crazy over the dogs that were being promoted that day.  I took her card, and told her that someday we would call her, when were ready to adopt a family pet.

Abby loves training Roxie! She got Roxie to "down" for her on the very first try - even before Dad!

It was a Saturday morning when I remembered that story, and I immediately decided to Google Agape’s website.  Of course, I had no intentions of even looking at “adoptable dogs” once I got to the webpage, because I was never going to have another dog…right??  I scrolled down and saw a picture of Roxie.  My heart just leaped out of my chest. She was beautiful black and white pittie mix.   I watched her video and felt my heart strings pull.  I called Dale and Abby in to watch the video, and they loved her goofy little personality. We met Roxie the very next day and knew that she was a special girl, and that she would be a perfect addition to our family. 

I must admit that I was a little reluctant at first, because I still missed my Brandi so much and I still am grieving over her loss…but, I know that Brandi would have wanted me to give another stray the same love that I had given to her, and it was just selfish for me to think that I could keep that love to myself.  As for Dale and Abby?  Well, they never hesitated.  They knew she was the “one.”

She has fit right in…she goes with Dale to work in the garage,  she rides in the car every morning to drop Abby off at school, and then she spends every evening curled up on my lap.

We love our big ole lap dog!

Roxie with her Dad and new BFF, Diamond. Diamond, a pittie puppy just about Roxie's age, lives next door and comes over to play every day!

Congratulations on scoring an amazing Furever Home, Roxie – you really hit the jackpot!  We love you forever, and we’ll never forget you!
Love, Foster Mom & Dad



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Foxy Roxie – ADOPTED!

This weekend, the little puppy who unexpectedly entered our lives a month ago bounded off into the hearts of her Furever Family.  D, S and their 10-year old daughter A, all fell in love with Roxie’s fun personality and easy-going demeanor two weeks ago, when we met them at the park. 

(As hard as he tried to maintain a tough poker-face exterior, D especially was positively smitten right on the spot!)


The days dragged on while they waited for Roxie to get her Big Girl surgery, but finally the day arrived for Roxie to start the rest of her Furever.

Roxie really hit the jackpot with this family…A huge fenced in backyard, a little girl to grow up with and no other dogs to steal away her toys attention!   S is so sweet, she saw on the home visit how hard it was going to be for me and Foster Dad to give up this sweet little girl, so she had a lovely gift waiting for us.

And it’s true, it was tough to drive away.  I’m not going to lie, there were tears.  We have had such a blast with Roxie over the past month, watching her learn and grow and play with her foster brothers who just seemed to love the stuff outta her.  So as much as it pains us to let her go and break up this pack….

….we know in our hearts that this family is the absolute best thing for Roxie.  It is obvious they already are head over tails in love with her.  After all, doesn’t every puppy deserve her very own best friend to grow up with?

 As we always say to all of our foster dogs (as it is always true) – we love you forever, Roxie, and we will never forget you.

Congratulations on your finding your Furever!



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Spring is in the air!

We’ve had an unseasonably mild winter and early spring here in Nashville this year, and what better way take advantage of this gorgeous weather than with some new glamour shots from Harmony Designs?

This was Cooper’s second go-round with the lovely and talented April Hollingsworth, so he’s an old pro by now. Even though silly Momma forgot that his Sirius Republic collar is filthy and filled with holes, thanks to his foster sister using it as a chew toy, luckily his wonderfully generous foster brother Oscar was there to loan him his Ahoy Matey collar for the photo shoot.  What a guy!

Not to be outdone, Roxie showed that she’s got some serious modeling chops as well.

We’ve got two naturals in front of the camera, don’t you think?  Check out our Facebook page for more pictures from their photo shoot!

If you’re interested in adding either of these cover models to your family, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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Squeaky Clean

It occurred to me recently that I’d been holding out on you – my bad!  We’ve documented Bath Time for each of our fosters so far, but even though Roxie has had three baths at Foster House, I’ve been slacking in sharing any photo evidence with you.  Please forgive me!  

After the Mud Bowl over the weekend, Bath Time was unavoidable.  So without further ado, I present to you gratuitous bath pictures:

Don’t worry, these were all taken before her Big Girl surgery, those stitches will stay nice and clean and dry while she’s recovering.

If you’re interested in adopting Foxy Roxie or her brother Cooper, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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Ain’t Gonna Be No Baby Momma

Roxie did Bob Barker proud yesterday…

She did so well not licking her stitches that the vet decided she didn’t even need a Cone of Shame.  She spent the evening recuperating with her very attentive nurse-maids at her side giving her peace and quiet.

She’ll need her rest…she has a very exciting week coming up!

If you’re interested in adopting Roxie or her foster brother Cooper, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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The Best Day of Their Lives (alternate title: Three Little Pigs)

As it has been previously determined, Cooper is Pig, and Roxie is Piglet. Not to be outdone, over the weekend Oscar reminded us that he will always be King Pig.

We discovered a new dog park over the weekend, and what it lacked in engineering foresight (ahem, horrible drainage planning) it made up for in pure unadulterated joy. 

Three dogs + one muddy dog park + one beautiful sunny day = bliss.

Seriously, I have never seen three happier dogs in my life.  This was our second trip to the dog park in two days, and if I thought they had fun the day before…man, it was nothing compared to this.  We hit the gate and it was like the previous day’s exhaustion had never happened, they were off to the races.  These were “zoomies” on a whole different level – these were Mud Zoomies.

So needless to say, it was Bath Night again, just four days after the last time.  And again, the Sirius Republic collars got a thorough cleaning, this time with a good old-fashioned hand-scrubbing with dish soap.  But man, oh man, it was so worth it!

If you’re interested in providing a Furever Home to Pig or Piglet (sorry, King Pig is taken), please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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The Pack Dynamic

I never realized just how different “three dogs” would be from “two dogs.”

When we started fostering, we knew we’d be in for an adjustment period when we doubled the number of four-legged critters in the house.  It’d be more chaotic, there’d be more noise and more mess.  We also knew it’d mean double the puppy love, double the snuggles and double the hilarity.

Now that we have three, the differences have been compounded.  In addition to those things I mentioned above, walks and meal times have become way more involved. But for us, nothing can compare to the atmosphere of just plain FUN there is at Foster House right now.

The biggest and most apparent thing we’ve noticed is that now with three dogs, we have become a bone-afied (ha!) pack. We never get tired of watching them interact with each other. There’s a hierarchy.   They snuggle together. They trust each other. Sometimes two will gang up on the third. Sometimes a third will referee if play gets too rough between the other two.

Most of all, they all have their own distinct and unique personalities.


We never intended on being a three-dog household.  And once one of them gets adopted, we may not be again – at least not anytime soon.  This pack came together purely by accident – but what a happy accident it is!

Yep, three dogs sure makes for a crazy household, and we know this won’t last forever –  But for now, we’re lovin’ every minute of it.

If you’re interested in adopting Cooper or Roxie, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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