Cooper – ADOPTED!

Well Cooper, you did it! You finally found your most perfectest, wonderfulest, fureverest family. The Ones who will take care of you until the end, who will continue to train you and have patience while you continue to work on yourself – which they understand could be a life-long process.  But most importantly, you found The Ones who will love you so fiercely, so completely that they can’t imagine their lives without you. 

Summer 266

Actually Cooper, you found us a long time ago. It just took  us a little longer to realize that you were our One, too. 


When did you first Know? Was it that first weekend you came home from the shelter with me and snuggled up next to me on the couch? You haven’t left my side ever since.

Cooper 948


Cooper 792

You’ve always been a momma’s boy, that’s for sure. But you soon figured out Dad was pretty good for snugglin’, too – was that when you decided to stay?

Coopers 144

Cooper 557

Cooper 797

Was it the way Oscar accepted you and took his under his wing paw, to show you the ropes, and how to be part of a Family? Did your Brother help you make up your mind?

Cooper 538

Cooper 368

How did you know that we would always take care of you? Even when you’re afraid, you trust us that everything will be OK. 

Cooper 572

Was it the all the training we did together? Did that show you that we would always work our absolute hardest for you?

Cooper 703

Coopers 026

Whatever it was, Cooper – I’m sorry it took us so long to figure it out. But the wait is over – you’re Ours now. Furever. Another heartbeat – always to be at our feet.

Coopers 004

We love you, Cooper! Welcome to the Family.



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37 responses to “Cooper – ADOPTED!

  1. I have been hitting refresh on your blog for an hour!!! This makes my heart happy and my eyes wet! This is just SO RIGHT!!!!! Yay for you, yay for Cooper (and Oscar!)! Thank you universe, you got it right this time!!!!!!


  2. Kate

    OMG so happy! Yay Cooper!!!!


  3. I have the biggest smile on my face right now, I’m so happy for your guys!!!!


  4. When I saw “Cooper – ADOPTED” come across my email, I clicked on it and wished quickly that you two would be the ones who adopted him and then cried tears of joy when I saw that was the case! He couldn’t have asked for a better home and I am just so happy to hear that he is officially yours, forever and ever! 🙂 Congrats!


  5. Michelle

    So so happy You decided your home was the perfect forever home for Cooper. Crying tears of happiness after reading the news. Way to go Cooper. You hit the jackpot!!


  6. Yay! Yay! Yay! I, like Tracey, have been compulsively checking Facebook for the blog post to come through! Congrats and welcome to the Foster Failure club!!!! I am sooooo happy for you guys and the little Coop-ster.


  7. Yep – teared up a little at that one. So happy for you! The picture of you two looking at each other in the chair and then the one of the boys cheesing on the couch — they say it all!


  8. Congratulations! (I am doing a little dance.) I was hoping you’d be the ones to officially adopt him. Here’s to many more snuggles with Cooper as your furever dog!

    To Nola & Sarge’s folks’ comment: I really think of it as a foster success!


  9. I rushed myself out of a meeting just to see if you had posted anything yet! Yay Cooper….I am so happy for all of you and just may have shed a tear or two in joy!


  10. So very happy for both Cooper and you guys! You’ve came so far with him it’s only fitting that you guys be his forever people. YAY Cooper!!!!


  11. Tears of joy over here! Cooper’s story reminds me SO much of Maggie’s…and I had a sneaking suspicion he would end up yours forever the way she ended up ours forever. Ahhhh, I am just so happy for all of you!!!! Congratulations, all around.


  12. Sobbing, just sobbing with joy!


  13. I have to agree with everyone else! When I saw this in my inbox, I had to click on it right away, and was hoping all the while that you had decided to adopt him. What a lucky boy!! Foster failures, unite 😉


  14. Yeah for Cooper! What a great day it is to find your forever home! We are so glad to hear such happy news!


  15. Woo hoo! So glad it was by the 2 of you!


  16. So happy for you guys and Cooper. He is too awesome and I’m glad we get to keep seeing his cute face indefinitely!


  17. Suzanne

    Oh thank you sweet baby Jesus! I was reading this (actually liking at the pictures) and showing the pics to my friends at lunch telling them about cooper. I was getting more And more confused until it dawned on me them burst into tears! I’m so happy that you are together. You’re an awesome family!!!


  18. Donna Devereux Mosher

    I am very happy for all of you and wondered when you would figure out that he had found his forever home. It was obvious to me almost from they beginning that he belonged in your family. Does it feel differently now? Kind of like when you marry someone you have loved and lived with for years? I bet it does…….Congratulations to you all!


  19. Christine Gibson

    A whopping big CONGRATS! Awesomeness!


  20. Awesome news! Congratulations to all!!


  21. Congrats to everyone! Such great news!


  22. Three Cheers! Such great news for everyone. So glad you “found” each other! Cooper hit the megabucks!


  23. Laura

    I am so excited for Cooper. When I started following your blog I hoped you guys would adopt him. Congratulations!


  24. Barb

    So happy Cooper gets to stay! Congrats!


  25. Marilyn

    It took you two long enough. I think we readers knew quite awhile ago that you loved Cooper and he wouldn’t be going anywhere. He found the best home in the world, if you go back and read all your post, there was no doubt he would stay with you. Congratulations. You make my heart smile, today.


  26. I’m so ecstatically happy for you Cooper, the wonderful news that we’ve all been waiting for has brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on finding your forever home, even if it was right before your eyes and wonderfully goofy smile 🙂


  27. Callie's Mom

    Absolutely Fantastic!!! I’m so glad he is staying with you! We did finally adopt a second pup and boy is he giving us a run for the money….I’ve never had a small dog before, but I’ve also never had a dog with anxiety issues that didn’t show up for a month or so after we adopted him! He even just broke and escaped from a metal crate yesterday. Lots of work to do here too!


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  29. Oh! How did I miss this! I was hoping FOREVER that you guys would adopt him! I am so happy that he is home with his family for good!


  30. Buffy

    I LOVE this blog!! So happy for this very happy ending! I have always prayed during each post about finding Copper’s furever family that you guys would realise that it had been you all along!
    I believe Cooper and Oscar figured out long ago that they were soul mates and sigh in relief that you guys have too! Mucho Amor!!!!


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