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Spill It!

…and in other news, holy crap you guys – we’ve been nominated for a Toast of Music City award!


If you live in Nashville, you know how cool that is. The Tennessean is our main newspaper, and they put on the Toast of Music City awards. Local Nashvillians nominate and vote on their favorite local places and services each year. They cover everything from health care services, to restaurants and entertainment, to – you guessed it – blogs.  Nominations closed this weekend, and voting is open through July 14th. Winners will be announced a bit after that, and published in a special edition of the paper, and of course online.

So, who’s got four thumbs, eight paws, and were nominated for the Toast of Music City Best Blog Award?

Summer 266


Can you believe it??  Because I can’t. Seriously, I seriously, seriously can’t. Like seriously. I am seriously so overwhelmed and honored that I can’t stop saying “seriously.”  OK, so before we make with the shameless groveling for votes, I gotta know: who nominated us?? Spill it! Because we owe you a big fat La Hacienda margarita. You wanna collect? Give yourself up, you wonderful, loyal, fantastical reader(s?), you!!

Now on to the shameless groveling part: please vote for us!  Can you imagine if we won, and our blog were featured in the local newspaper, and on their website? We could reach so many more people – local people. Don’t get me wrong, you know I love all my readers far and wide, but the more local Nashville folks who read and share this little blog, the better the chances that Cooper’s Furever Family find him. So please – won’t cha vote for us? Pretty please with a peanut butter Kong on top?

Cooper Kong

It’s super easy, here’s how: First click here. You’ll need to register, all they need is your e-mail address. Then you’ll be able to vote for all your favorite Nashville stuff.  But here’s the cool part – you don’t even have to be a Nashvillian to vote. If you’re not local, or you just don’t want to vote in all 90+ categories, just bookmark this page and come vote for us every stinkin’ day.  Easy peasy!

Cooper is temporarily off the market, but Agape Animal Rescue has lots of super-amazing loving fur-balls who need furever homes. Check ’em out!



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Did Cooper Get Adopted?

A few of you savvy investigative readers have noticed that Cooper has disappeared from Agape’s “Adoptable Dogs” page on their website.  Of course the natural question that followed has been, “Did Cooper get adopted??”

Coopers 192

First off let me say – shame on you, readers! Did you honestly think I would let Cooper get adopted after a year and a half at Foster House and not let you know immediately??  Well, I’m so sorry to disappoint, but no, Cooper has not been adopted, and no – we have not foster failed and adopted him ourselves. He is, however, temporarily off the market.

Coopers 201

As we’ve mentioned before, Cooper is “working on himself.” We’ve been through Basic Obedience classes, Relaxed Rovers class, even Agility – in the hopes that we could help Cooper learn some skills that would ease his anxiety. It’s been a process, and it continues to be a process. Cooper hasn’t improved as much as we’d like in the “plays well with others” department.  When it comes right down to it, Cooper is darn unpredictable around strange dogs.  So we’re going to put Cooper through another round of training, then reevaluate to see what he needs.

Coopers 204

So for now, Cooper is in limbo, hanging out where he has been for the past 18 months – with us at Foster House, where he is happy, healthy, and loved.  Trust me when I tell you that when Cooper DOES finally find his furever family, you will have to be living in a cave under the ocean not to know about it, because I will be shouting it from the rooftops and writing it in the sky!

Super Cooper may be of the market for now, but Agape Animal Rescue has lots of amazing wonderful adorable loving dogs who need loving furever homes. To add one of them to your family, please fill out an online application.



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28 Things You’re Gonna LOVE About Cooper: #17

#17 Fetch.

Coopers 188

Give this guy a squeaky ball to run after and he’s a happy pooch!

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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