If you’re one of our observant Facebook followers, you’ve noticed a new photo and a tease of an “exciting project” that our little Foster Family is involved in.  I’m ready to spill the beans, but first I’d like to introduce you all to Nashville PITTIE.

Nashville PITTIE stand for “Pit Bull Initiative to Transform Image and Educate.” Says founder Jana Mendes, “The goal of Nashville PITTIE is to restore the Pit bull’s positive image by: dispelling myths surrounding the breeds called ‘Pit bulls’ through education, promoting responsible ownership, and promoting spay/neuter programs and the importance thereof. Nashville PITTIE strives to bring to light the true character of the Pit Bull and the invaluable contributions they make as family pets and service companions, as they have for generations.”

 Jana and her team of dedicated volunteers take part in various local events throughout the year, to get pit bulls into the public eye in a positive way.  They put on a Pit Bull Awareness Day each fall, and organize walks through town during established high-profile events and festivals.  They set up information booths at local events such as the Nashville Earth Day Festival, Nashville Pride Fest, and the Celebrate Healthy Pets fair.  They’ve even marched in the annual Nashville Christmas Parade.

Foster Dad and I, along with the pups of course, have the tremendous honor of being part of their latest endeavor, a super-duper-awesome project called Impression-a-Bull.  Nashville PITTIE has partnered with local photographer extraordinaire Amiee Stubbs, to photograph Nashville pit bull owners for a project to help to change the negative stigma attached to “pit bulls,” and at the same time raise funds for spay/neuter programs in Nashville.

On Saturday, August 4th, the Impression-a-Bull project will be on display at the UltraViolet Gallery, during downtown Nashville’s monthly First Saturday Art Crawl.  Oh, did I mention that admission is free?  If you’re in town that night, you’re not going to want to miss it.  If you need some more convincing, here’s a sneak preview…and there’s bound to be even more beautiful brindle furs on display!

The Impression-a-Bull display will be featured during Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl on Saturday, August 4th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at the UltraViolet Gallery in the Arcade.



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10 responses to “Impression-a-Bull

  1. This is so great! I really admire the Nashville community because you do have so many great programs supporting pitbull-type dogs.I don’t think we even have half of these things in Chicago. I would love to see that exhibit …will the photos be online too?


    • I agree, it is awesome we have so many groups advocating for pit bull types, unfortunately it’s out of necessity. The pittie population is HUGE in the south, and they – along with other breeds – are hugely mistreated & neglected, chaining dogs outside as “guard dogs” is a way of life in a lot of areas down here. Spay/neuter is a foreign concept to a lot of dog owners (hence the over-population). And microchips? HA! I am beyond greatful for programs like Nashville PITTIE, Dogs Deserve Better, and MTPRC who work tirelessly to take aim at the root of the problem with education & awareness.

      I don’t know if the photos will be online, but I will definitely share ours once they’re available! 🙂


  2. Shelley

    hhhmmmmm…I may hafta swing by 🙂 Sounds cool…and we all know Aimee’s photo’s are WONDERFUL 🙂


  3. The Impression-a-Bull project sounds amazing, can’t wait to see whatever photos are available!


  4. I clicked through Amiee’s photo gallery, and she has a bunch of amazing pictures!


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