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On Friday afternoon, I teased that we had some “very exciting news” on our Facebook page. Some of you guessed that Cooper was adopted. Well, an adoption did take place, it just wasn’t Coop.  It’s the adorable Miss Olive who has found her Furever Home!

Olive (13)

Eight months ago, sweet Olive was tied to a tree in a dirt patch outside an apartment complex in my neighborhood. It was only beginning of April, but Nashville was getting an early heat wave and Olive was stuck in out in the hot sun day in and day out with no food or water, and only a dingy plastic dog house to shelter her from the elements.

SNAP puppy (1)

My neighbor Jen, fellow animal lover and blogger, just couldn’t turn her back on her, and invited her into her home. For the first time in her short life, Olive was part of a family, safe, loved and cared for.


Soon after, Olive was welcomed into the Agape family. She had her glamour shots taken, and stole the show at Agape’s annual fundraiser, Glitter & Glam.

Olive (18)

Olive (19)

Foster Mom Jen has actually known Olive’s new dad for years…through the magic of social media, B has been following Olive on Facebook for months. When he was in town on business before Christmas, he met the wiggly little squish face, and fell in love.

Olive (12)

After conferring with his partner in crime, they agreed that they just couldn’t live without her. They hopped on a plane in Washington DC this past weekend and flew all they way to Nashville just to pick her up.  Even though she was meeting her for the first time, Olive’s new mom H was instantly smitten.  

Olive (16)

Even though she’s crossing the Mason Dixon line for the first time, this southern dog won’t have to worry about the blustery winter weather of the east cost biting through her short furs – thanks to a little going away present from her buddy Cooper.

Olive (17)

First time foster parents Jen & Jason had a tough time saying goodbye to their girl. Understandably so…those of us who have had the honor of loving a dog like our own only to send her on her way to a happy, loving forever home, know how difficult the first time can be (who am I kidding, like it gets any easier??). But, just like all foster parents, they know that Olive is on her way to the best life she can have, spoiled rotten just like she deserves.

Saying goodbye to Foster Dad

Saying goodbye to Foster Dad

Thank you for taking such good care of me, Foster Mom!

Thank you for taking such good care of me, Foster Mom!

…and “spoiled rotten” is right. Olive is going to be an only dog in her new house.  Her new parents even brought Olive a new leash, collar, a dog bed of her very own (all of them with her new full name, Olive Olivia, embroidered on them) and some yummy vegan dog treats for the long ride home in their rental car. They bonded to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” as they crossed the state line, driving off towards what Olive has been yearning for her entire life…Furever.

Congratulations Olive!



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Pit Bull Awareness Day, Music City Style

This past Saturday, pit bull owners and advocates across the country joined together to celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Day.  Here in Nashville, we celebrated PBAD with live music, vendors, a silent auction and of course plenty of pitties! Since Cooper is still “working on himself,” we thought a gathering of that many dogs would be a little overwhelming for him, so I tagged along with adoptable Olive and her foster mom to take part in all the pittie fun.

I couldn’t get enough of these two in their matching sweaters, they were so well-behaved! They just laid there politely while craziness ensued all around them. Some dogs are just far too refined for such silliness as costume and trick contests.

…but not Princess Fatso! She won the costume contest dressed as a 50’s car hop waitress – see her cute little roller skates?

Of course, Olive was right there to congratulate her.

Princess Fatso narrowly beat out the wicked witch…

10-month old Tank even dressed up like his Person…or maybe his Person dressed up like Tank?

Not only was this sweet little girl a complete and total love bug, she has excellent taste in sports team apparel.

(Oscar has the same sweater.)

Williamson County Animal Control was there too, with lots of their adoptable pitties looking for their furever families. We love WCAC, because it’s the former home of both Cooper and Molly Tamale, and unlike many shelters, they happily adopt out pit bull type dogs to approved applicants.

I absolutely fell in love with this little guy – he’s a pit bull/Jack Russel terrier mix!  How cute is he??  Olive was a little smitten, too…

And of course, the highlight of the day….The Pittie Parade!

It was an amazing turnout and a super fun day. Thank you so much to Nashville PITTIE for organizing Nashville’s 6th annual Pit Bull Awareness Day – we had a great time, and I can’t wait ’till next year!

Olive outtake!

Cooper is still on the market! If you’re interested in adding Cooper to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.

…and don’t forget to VOTE for COOPER!


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Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

How do you measure a year in the life of fostering?

In tongue licks? In vet trips? In good-byes and happy endings?

In lake swims? In bath times? In laughter and tears…

Pop a cork, today is our one-year blogiversary!  We can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since we started this journey, but at the same time we can’t believe it’s been a year already…it seems like just yesterday I was typing “how to start a blog” into the Google-machine (yes, I really did that).

I started this blog primarily as a way to chronicle our misadventures as we navigated this world that was new to us, this world of animal rescue and dog fostering.  It seemed so foreign, and like such a huge undertaking.  We were wicked intimidated, but somehow the idea of writing it all down made it less scary. 

The other main reason I wanted to blog about our foster dogs was to help potential adopters get to know them. I remembered that when we were searching for Oscar, I scanned through hundreds of online dog profiles.  While I skipped right over the ones that had bad photos little-to-no information beyond age, sex & breed, and I found myself drawn to the ones who had detailed profiles that told a story about the dogs’ personalities, good quality photos and sometimes even videos.  So I wanted to write a blog that would make our dogs irresistable to me as a potential adopter, if I came across a link on a dog’s online profile.

Instead of summarizing the last year (which would probably take me another year to do), and after yesterday’s post that apparently left some of you in tears (sorry about that), let’s have some fun!  

I want to start with one of my favorite things to do when checking our blog stats – search term results.  WordPress keeps track of what people type into the Google-machine to get to our blog.  I’m pretty sure that even if our blog comes up in the search results, they have to actually click on the link and visit the blog for the search term to count.  So, even if these folks were looking for something completely different than a blog about foster dogs, perhaps they got a little chuckle out of a funny dog story before they continued on their way. Here are some of my favorite search terms that have led people to our blog over the past year:

himym dog pie (Not sure where the “dog pie” part comes in, but I’m pretty sure “himym” is from this post. Love that show! )

dogs running all over the world (Oh, if only the world was full of responsible dog owners, this wouldn’t happen!)

river of pee (Um, gross…but yep, I can see how that might have happened.)

why are dogs better than people (How much time have you got?)

i took all the dogs  (If you’re a Hyperbole and a Half fan, then this image is already in your head…)

can you take a dog who isn’t well behaved to the dog park (I hope that after reading this post, they learned that the answer to that question is NO!!!)

anal infection swag (I don’t know what they were searching for, but I hope this post helped answer their questions)

the importance of support from your friends (ain’t it the truth)

fostering through agape (Maybe one of you out there is considering joining the Agape family? Just maybe?)

dipping dogs for tricks in a hole (Huh??)

happy birthday donkey (Double huh???)

And my favorite search term result of all time….

why is fostering dogs important (We must be doing something right!)

OK, so now I have to know…have any of you stumbled on our blog “by accident,” and if so, what were you originally searching for?  Feel free to fess up down in the comments, and thanks for sticking around!

In looking through our search results, I deduced that the Google-machine must take comments into account as well as the text in our posts.  On that note, I thought it was interesting (thought not really at all surprising) that our top commenters all also happen to have blogs of their own (check them out over in our Blogroll).  Unfortunately WordPress only keeps track of comment statistics for the last six months instead of the whole year, but you get the idea…

Thanks to everyone who joined in the conversation by leaving comments.  I’ve learned a lot from your advice, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you (and your fur-babies) quite well by reading what you have to say.  Also, you guys have absolutely cracked me up!   

And now for some “fun by numbers”!

Number of dogs fostered: six

Number of foster dogs we’ve wanted to keep furever: six

Number of happy endings (so far): five (Barney, Tucker, Kaylee, Roxie, & Molly Tamale)

Number of adoption/returns: one

Quickest adoption: two weeks

Longest tenant: eight months (…and counting)

Number of trips to the vet with a foster dog: six (never a dull moment at Foster House!)

Number of posts: 188

Total number of blog views: 33,199 (wow!)

Highest number of views on one post: 302 (The Return of the Tamale)

Least viewed post: Our second post ever, Officially Applied, and our first holiday post, Thankful, were tied at 27, followed by Tucker Sees a Ghost at 33 (Wait, seriously, only 33 of you saw Tucker Sees a Ghost?  Go check it out right now, that dog was hilarious!)

Most views in one day: 341 (A New Record – fitting, huh?)

Blog subscribers: 61

HBAMF Facebook followers: 390 (can we make it to 400 by Monday??)

Number of chewed-up pieces of furniture: three

Large-scale rescue efforts in our area: two (Operation Sweethearts and Operation Freedom)

Number of foster dog escapes: three (Tucker’s Big Adventure…never really mentioned the other two, have I?)

Number of successful recoveries: three (whew!)

Surprise fosters: one

Number of collars: nine

Training classes: three (Dogs & Kat, we are eternally grateful!)

Times I’ve doubted myself: more than I care to admit.

Times I’ve regretted becoming a foster mom: zero.

Would I do it all again?  In a heartbeat. 

Thanks for sticking with us during the first year of our foster adventure! 
Whaddaya say, shall we go another year?
Let’s do this…



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Adoptable Olive, still on the market!

…I know, I can hardly believe it either!

Sweet little Olive got liberated from her life at the end of a chain nearly six months ago.  She’s had a handful of applications and a few meet & greets, but nothing has really “stuck” – Olive is still searching for her perfect Furevers.  Her foster mom & dad even thought they had found them once…until an uneducated misinformed landlord put a veto on his tenants owning a pit bull breed. 

“But why? I is not so scary.”

Olive is now about a year old, but she’s still just a little lady under 40 pounds. Foster Mom Jen reports that Olive is wicked smart. She learned sit, down, and wait within weeks of moving into her foster house. Olive is also crate trained, she gets along great with other dogs and loves kids of all ages.

Who can possibly resist this adorable little puppy behind?

Fetch is Olive’s most favoritest thing in the entire world.  According to her foster mom, Olive recently also added “drop” to her arsenal of tricks. “Sometimes, instead of dropping the ball at my feet and waiting for me to throw it again, she’ll wait for me to say, ‘drop it,’ then she’ll sling the ball in my direction, immediately turn and run towards the back of the yard and then patiently sit there until I throw the ball again. Makes me crack up every time!  She is also really excellent at catching the ball. It amazes me how high she can jump for it sometimes.”

“Come on, take me home…you know you wanna!”

Olive’s foster family (and Agape, and Foster Dad & I!) are completely bewildered as to what is taking Olive’s Furever Family so long to find her.  Maybe they haven’t seen this video yet…

Is Olive the gal for you, or someone you know?  Please help spread the word about this little lady.  As much as she loves her foster parents and brothers, she can’t wait to find a Furever Family of her very own!

If you’re interested in adding adorable, adoptable Olive to your family, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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A Play Date with Olive

Guess who’s still up for adoption?

Sweet little Olive, rescued and fostered by my good friend and neighbor (and fellow blogger), Jen.  Jen and her husband Jason are first time foster parents who just couldn’t look the other way when they saw Olive suffering at the end of a short chain, tied out in the heat with no food or water.


The other day I bribed Jen with cocktails Jen was kind enough to lend us Olive’s services, so we could practice “Look at That” with Cooper.  We met at a nearby park where Jen and Olive hung out and practiced Sit’s and Down’s and leash skills, while across the way Cooper worked on not going bananas while Olive was in view.  I gotta say, he did amazingly well.

As a reward for their hard work, we brought Olive back to Foster House for a play date.  Cooper was ecstatic to have a puppy to play with again, and Olive was totally jazzed to make some new friends. 

This is the weird thing about Cooper’s nerves – they completely disappear with his leash.  As soon as we unclipped his leash and turned him loose with Olive (under strict supervision, of course) his fears evaporated and he pounced on her with a play bow, wiggly waggy tail, and classic Cooper smile. 

I’m sure the fact that we were “on his own turf” may have had something to do with it, but it does give me hope that, with time and continued practice, we’ll be able to overcome his fears completely.

Do you need some puppy love in your life?  If you’d like to add Olive (or Cooper!) to your family, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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Guest Post: Snug as an Olive in a Rug

Jen is first-time foster momma to Olive the Pittie Puppy, liberated from life on a chain just a few blocks from Foster House.  She is a neighbor and good friend of mine, and she also writes the awesome local blog, South Nashville Life (check it out if you want to learn about all about my ‘hood.)  Enjoy! ~Laura

Oh my. What have I done?

I swore that my home had a NO VACANCY sign when it came to more rescue dogs. Two is as many as I can handle in our little house, and sometimes that seems like too many.

But when the opportunity came along to offer refuge to one of the sweetest girls from her world consisting of a tree, a chain, a small plastic home and lots of dirt and little water, well…it broke me.

Meet Olive, or Ollie, for short.

It’s only been a couple of days and by watching her you’d think she has no memory of her old dirt bed. My boys, Eli and Marvin, whom I’ve affectionately dubbed the Grumpy Old Dogs, have been spending a lot of time putting the rambunctious pup in her place. But Ollie just takes it in stride, flopping her puppy paws in whichever direction gravity takes her.

Oh, I should mention this girl has the head tilt down to a tee.

Although I must admit it is so nice to have another female in the house, I’m anxious to get this girl to a forever home where she won’t have to be subjected to the growling of Eli the Feist that might be translated to something like, “Get offa my lawn!

Pending a few behind-the-scenes details, Ollie will be up for adoption soon. No more dirt beds for sweet Olive (unless she just feels like getting dirty, of course).

Olive will be ready for adoption soon!  If you’re the Furever People that Ollie is searching for, fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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More Puppy Therapy

This is Olive.

Up until this past weekend, Olive has spent her entire short life tied to a tree in my neighborhood.  She caught the eye of a neighbor and friend of mine, the hilarious and brilliant Jen from South Nashville Life.  She was tied up outside some apartments that up are run by our neighborhood association, and tying an animal outside in such a way is a breach of their lease (not to mention just not cool, but we’ve already talked about that). 

So Jen and I worked with the board of our neighborhood association to speak with the owner about surrendering the dog.  When Jen went to check on her one hot day and found her once again with no water, and discovered that the dog’s “owners” had taken off to Florida for a long weekend, her heartstrings snapped right in two.  We finally tracked down the ower and she agreed to surrender the puppy to us.

Now Olive is living happily at Jen’s pad, with her two new foster brothers, Marvin & Eli – who, as of yet, are not quite sure what to make of this new guest.  Check back tomorrow to hear Jen’s take about a new furry guest in her home!

The best part?  Jen is signing up with Agape to be a foster parent, so Olive can get into the Agape program!  Woo-hoo!!  That means little Olive will be able to reap all the benefits that come with being an Agape dog – food, toys, professional photos, and the whole enchilada of vet care (shots, meds, and the ever-important no-baby surgery).  And you know what else that means – Olive will soon be searching for her Furever Family!  Is it you?

If you’d like to make Olive part a Furever part of your family, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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