Tucker – ADOPTED!

It’s true!  Last night, seven weeks (to the day) after Tucker came to Foster House, he officially became part of a furever family – Tucker has found his People. 

Tucker’s People are Daniel and Andrea, a lovely young couple we met at an adoption event a few weeks ago.  They had been considering rescuing a dog for about a year, and had seen Tucker’s profile online and had been keeping an eye on him.  They were brought to that particular adoption event by chance alone – they didn’t even realize the event was going on until that morning, and had no idea Tucker would be there.  Yet, they walked through the gates and there he was! (Check back tomorrow to hear Tucker’s new mom tell her story.)

Tucker hit the doggie jackpot with these folks….he will be an only dog, but Daniel and Andrea have lots of dog experience, having both grown up with dogs in the house.  They’re very comfortable providing Tucker with the strong leadership as “Alphas” that he’ll need to continue be a happy, secure dog.  They live right behind a huge park with lots of greenways and walking paths, and even a dog park!  They’re committed to continue working with Tucker on socialization with other dogs.  Daniel loves to run and skateboard, and is looking forward to taking Tucker along on these outings for lots of exercise.

So congratulations, Tucker!  Foster Dad and I are going to miss you so much, but we cannot express how excited we are for you, and we are thrilled beyond belief that Daniel & Andrea chose you to welcome into their family.  You taught us so, so much, as our first foster experience.  We love you forever, and we will never forget you.



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11 responses to “Tucker – ADOPTED!

  1. Yea!! We are so excited for Tucker and for you guys — what a beautiful ending to your first fostering adventure!


  2. Congrats! That is awesome!


  3. Yay Tucker!!! Congrats!! 🙂


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  5. amanda

    Yay Tucker!!! 🙂 So happy for him and his new family! 🙂


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