Rainy Day Blues

If you’re paying attention, you’ve already caught on that the title of this post is a plug for Jackalope Brewery’s rotating tap, of which a percentage of proceeds will go to Agape Animal Rescue the entire month of November.  Hey Nashville, go get you some! 

Rain rain, go away.  Or at least teach Tucker that rainy Sundays are supposed to mean lazy Sundays at Foster House.  I guess Tucker didn’t get that memo.

Our dear Oscar prides himself on being a certified and accomplished lazy bones. 

Tucker on the other hand, has an energy supply that never seems to deplete, so he was BUMMED that we were stuck inside all day.

When he wasn’t bouncing off the walls, he was pouting.

Finally, a stroke of sheer genius struck Foster Mom.  I hear my friends who have 2-legged kids talk about putting half of their toys away after Christmas, then one rainy day when they need a distraction whip out a “new” toy to create hours of entertainment.  Well, I was NOT going out in that torrential downpour yesterday just to get a new toy for Tucker, so my version: tennis ball in an old sock. 

And voila, I had two occupied dogs for the rest of the day.  Best.  Idea.  Ever.



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3 responses to “Rainy Day Blues

  1. That underbite just melts my heart! So cute!


  2. That is a really good idea. When we had SuperLevi we made the mistake of leaving the toys out in one bin and he was just so bored with everything we had.
    We love the underbite too!


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