Meet Kaylee!

And the next tenant of Flaherty Foster House is……….Kaylee!

This gorgeous girl began her young life tied up on a chain in someone’s back yard – a pretty common occurence in the South.  Fortunately for Kaylee, a concerned neighbor reported her situation to Dogs Deserve Better, a national non-profit organization dedicated “freeing the chained dog, and bringing our ‘best friend’ into the home and family.”  When DDB approached the owners about bringing Kaylee inside, they decided they didn’t want her anymore and surrendered her on the spot. (**please see “correction” below**)

Not having somewhere to go right away due to lack of available immediate foster families, Kaylee has spent the last several months in an outdoor kennel in a volunteer’s back yard – not too very much better than being on a chain, but at least she was loved.  The good news is that Agape Animal Rescue offered to help find her a foster family – that’s where we come in.  Lucky for her, we were able to get Tucker adopted to open a spot for her just in time – Kaylee will get to spend the winter months snuggling on a warm couch instead of in a cold lonely backyard kennel!  How else would she ever learn how to part of family??

Kaylee has been featured on StubbyDog as a Rescue Dog of the Week.  She even has her own video already:

Kaylee is a young girl, just under a year old and a bouncy bundle of energy.  We don’t know too much about her yet, but volunteers describe her as very friendly and good with other dogs.  We’re looking forward to learning more about her! 

**CORRECTION** While Dogs Deserve Better did get the original call on Kaylee’s situation, they actually asked the Middle Tennessee Pet Resource Center to step in to assist.  MTPRC is credited for rescuing Kaylee off of her chain. 

To adopt Kaylee, visit Agape Animal Rescue.



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