Special Delivery!

Christmas came early at Foster House!  We got an exciting package from Sirius Republic today, with Kaylee’s gor-geous new collar inside: *

A girl with some fashion sense!

Now isn’t that better than that boring old brown one she had on?  While functional, it had absolutely no pop against Kaylee’s lovely tan brindle.  Notice the clear message that Miss Kay is searching for her People?

"Adopt Me" message embroidered on "Green Dots" design.

Sirius will emrboider “Adopt Me” on any of their collars – for free!  Yep that’s right.  How cool is that?  Oh and because they ship your whole order for just five bucks, we couldn’t leave Oscar out:

Oscar rockin' his new Sirius collar, "Bubbles" design.

I first found out about Sirius on one of my most favoritest foster blogs, Love and a Six Foot Leash.  Check ’em out, Sirius and Love & a Leash, because they both rock.

*I was just too excited to wait to upload the good pictures tomorrow (left my stupid camera cord at work) so we’ll just have to deal with Droid quality photos for now.  Please be assured that even though the picture quality is “eh” at best, the collars themselves are top-notch! 

If you want to pick out your very own Sirius collar for Kaylee, contact Agape Animal Rescue


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3 responses to “Special Delivery!

  1. We love Sirius, and Kaylee looks amazing in her new collar! We had an adopt me collar for our foster SuperLevi, and it really did make people ask about him. Though there are so many great designs, we do have a hard time choosing…


  2. I know, it was so hard to choose! We decided pink would look best on her and they had a couple cute pink ones, but with Miss Kay having such a classic “pittie” look to her and her being so young we wanted something super fun. I just love the green dots, I think it looks so good on her! Even the “Adopt Me” matches her brindle, it’s like they knew who it was for! 🙂


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