Bean Town

Last week, Foster Dad & I took an extended Memorial Day trip out to Boston.  Though it’s always a bummer being away from the pups, we were excited to stick another pin in our travel map, do some sight-seeing and spend some time with friends and family who live out that way.

We made a stop at Fenway to catch a Red Sox game…

…and even made it out to Cape Cod to wriggle our toes in the sand and wade bravely into the ice cold Atlantic.

And what would a trip to the East Coast be without some fresh sea food?  Bought live and cooked at my sister’s place, these souls sacrificed their lives for our dinner and boy were they delicious.  I choose to believe they didn’t suffer.

Luckily we didn’t have to go too long without a four-legged furry friend fix, even if the stand-ins were feline. 

Poor Oscar, stuck in his cone, spent the week with friends, pouting that he couldn’t come with us.  At least he got to sleep on the bed!

Meanwhile, Molly Tamale and Cooper spent the week playing with all their buddies at Camp Bow Wow

Photo courtesy of Camp Bow Wow

Photo courtesy of Camp Bow Wow

This is yet another wonderful perk of fostering with Agape Animal Rescue – they make all the arrangements to take care of our foster dogs while we’re out-of-town, if we give them plenty of notice.  They’ll either arrange for them to stay temporarily with another family, or pay for their boarding.  Since it was a holiday weekend and lots of people in Agape’s network weren’t available, and since Molly and Coop go to Camp Bow Wow on occasion for day care anyway, we knew they’d be perfectly comfortable there. 

Photo courtesy of Camp Bow Wow

After a week away, Foster Dad and I were ready to get back to real life again.  And we couldn’t WAIT to be reunited with our fur-babies! 

It was a great little vacation, but everyone was happy to be home.



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13 responses to “Bean Town

  1. I’m glad you had a good time up in my neck of the woods! I’m actually coming down to Nashville in September and can’t wait to visit your neck of the woods!


  2. How fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Boston. Did you throw some tea into the harbor? 😉


  3. Theoretical Foster Auntie

    I can’t believe Mickey and Kitty-Poosh made it into the blog! They’re going to be so excited when I show them their pictures!


  4. Can you believe I’ve lived in the Boston area for the past 7 years and never been to Fenway Park? (The only times I’ve been sightseeing here are when my family came up to visit.) Hope you enjoyed it!


  5. It’s always nice to have a vacation but it’s equally nice to come home to the pups you’ve missed!


  6. Agape is amazing. What a wonderful vacation!


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