Oscar’s Pals, Part I

Hey guys, it’s me, Oscar!  I have hi-jacked the blog because I learned that Tucker got to tell you about himself, but I haven’t been able to talk to you yet.  Well brace yourselves cuz that’s about to change right now.  Mom & Dad keep telling me what an awesome foster brother I’m being to Tucker, and I think it’s because I have so many friends that I’m used to playing and hanging out with other dogs.  Not to brag or anything, but I am VERY popular.  Wanna meet my buddies?

OK so the very first friend I made, his name is Dexter.  He lives right around the corner, with Mom & Dad’s friends.  The very first day I came home from The Shelter we went over there to meet him.  I was scared cuz everything was new and I didn’t know what was going on, but Dexter was nice.  He had another friend there named Fluffy Puppy, who was something called a “Stray.”  I don’t know what a Stray is, but I think it meant that Fluffy Puppy didn’t have any People.  I think that’s sad. 

Well Mom said Fluffy Puppy finally found some People of his very own and moved away.  But me and Dex still hang out, it’s so fun when I steal his bones, he acts like he gets so mad at me, but he lets me do it anyway.

I think he doesn’t mind really cuz I shared my birthday cake with him:

Oh boy, do I like cake.

Sometimes new friends come to visit me.  When I was real small still, I got to meet my cousin, Kelly.  She lives with my Grandpeople on Mom’s side, at Hudson House.  She didn’t like me at first I think because I tried to play too much, but I wore her down. I showed her how to lay in my favorite sunny spot on the porch, it’s so warm:

And then she showed me that it’s not so bad riding in the car.  I still don’t like it much, but I’m brave.  I’m getting better at it all the time.

Once I got a little bigger, Mom & Dad wondered if I would know how to “swim.”  I still am not sure what “swimming” is, but every time they say that word I get to go to my most favoritest happy place ever, The River.  It’s where I met Barkley.  He’s so fun.

Oh, and this other time we had a super fun visitor, his name is Luke.  He lives with Mom & Dad’s friends in Ohio, and he is SO big! 

We got along real good.  He told me sometime people are scared of him cuz of how he looks, I wondered how come, cuz he’s so nice!  He said it’s cuz he’s a Rottweiler, or something like that.  I asked him if it made him sad, he said no but sometimes his People got sad, cuz they love him so much and they don’t care what other people say.  I told him my People get sad sometimes, too, when people think I’m mean cuz how I look.  I overheard them saying something about part of me being a Pit Bull – I wonder what that is, anyway?  I just lick their faces to show them I love ’em and then they feel all better.   (I am very good at making my People feel better.)

Anyway, when Luke came to visit he brought his People with him of course, but one of them was SO small, I was confused.  I had never seen a People so small before, I learned later that small People are called Kids.  I decided like Kids.

I really like going on trips, too.  I still don’t like the car much, but it’s OK cuz I get to meet new friends.  This is my cousin, Patch.  He lives with my Grandpeople on Dad’s side, at Columbus House:

Dad said he couldn’t believe how well we got along, because the first time we met I was still real young, and Patch is soooo mature, he thought I would annoy him or something.  ME???  Annoying??  Psshhh, yeah right Dad.  Anyway he said I did real good, all I did was follow Patch around and let him show me the ropes at Columbus House.  I like Patch.

I have a few more friends to talk about, but I’ll tell you about those guys later, ‘kay?  Cool, bye for now!


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