Roxie The Scholar

It’s been a total blast watching Roxie figure stuff out.  When Oscar was a young pup of Roxie’s age (our only other “puppy” experience” to date), he was a pretty quick study – but if Oscar is the genius we think he is, the pace that Roxie is learning must qualify her for mensa status.  She may have a bit of an edge though – the fact that she can look to her foster brothers is a big help.  You can almost see her little wheels turning: “Hmm, they are getting treats shoved in their mouths, what are they doing differently than I am?  Well, they’re sitting down, maybe I should try that.”

She surprises us every day.  She’s even just about mastered the Hardest Trick of All – “wait.” I took this video last night, on Day 11 at Foster House.  She’s about got it down cold already!

If you are interested in adopting this little genius, or her foster brother Cooper, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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6 responses to “Roxie The Scholar

  1. She is doing soooo well! You’re doing a great job with her! 🙂


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