Four Feet, Twelve Paws

Know what I love about weekends?  It’s two days of the week that I can absolutely 100% count on Foster Dad being around for reinforcement!

You see, both Foster Dad and I work some pretty crazy hours. My work schedule is different from day-to-day, week-to-week (which makes keeping our pups on a daily routine pretty dang tough), and FD has his regular job plus a nutty grad school schedule.  And even though I have to work on the weekends from time to time, Saturday & Sunday are two days that I can count on him to have totally free. So when I do have time off on the weekends, that means two sets of hands to help wrangle the pups. And even though I was super proud of myself this week for walking all three dogs by myself, I was beyond thrilled to have some backup this weekend.

FD and I headed back to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway, where I’d been walking the dogs last week.  We love the wide, paved paths for walking the pups, because it makes sharing the paths with bike riders and other walkers a cinch.  And of course, with the extra set of hands, we were able to get some pictures.  Not that you ever doubted me, but see??  I told you I walked all three dogs at once:

Not to be shown up, FD had to give it a try.  Look how easy he makes it look!

One handed and everything…Show off.

But of course, the walk was not about us, it was about the dogs.  And I gotta say, I am totally impressed with our little pack.  Oscar is an amazing leader, who listens to FD and I exceptionally well for his young age (2 years old).  Cooper is happy as long as he’s next to Oscar, and Roxie – well, she’ll follow her foster brothers anywhere.

Midway through the walk, we bribed them with treats they even cooperated enough to get a couple of family shots:

But lest you think our sweet darling pooches are always perfectly well-behaved little angels, don’t worry.  For every one of these…

…there were about five of these:

Check out our Facebook page for more outtakes from our walk, plus a really funny story involving this picture:

If you’re interested in adopting Cooper or Roxie, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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5 responses to “Four Feet, Twelve Paws

  1. I still haven’t mastered the 3-dog walk; your pack looks great! And with your 3, it’s like having your very own dogwalking group!


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