The Pack Dynamic

I never realized just how different “three dogs” would be from “two dogs.”

When we started fostering, we knew we’d be in for an adjustment period when we doubled the number of four-legged critters in the house.  It’d be more chaotic, there’d be more noise and more mess.  We also knew it’d mean double the puppy love, double the snuggles and double the hilarity.

Now that we have three, the differences have been compounded.  In addition to those things I mentioned above, walks and meal times have become way more involved. But for us, nothing can compare to the atmosphere of just plain FUN there is at Foster House right now.

The biggest and most apparent thing we’ve noticed is that now with three dogs, we have become a bone-afied (ha!) pack. We never get tired of watching them interact with each other. There’s a hierarchy.   They snuggle together. They trust each other. Sometimes two will gang up on the third. Sometimes a third will referee if play gets too rough between the other two.

Most of all, they all have their own distinct and unique personalities.


We never intended on being a three-dog household.  And once one of them gets adopted, we may not be again – at least not anytime soon.  This pack came together purely by accident – but what a happy accident it is!

Yep, three dogs sure makes for a crazy household, and we know this won’t last forever –  But for now, we’re lovin’ every minute of it.

If you’re interested in adopting Cooper or Roxie, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “The Pack Dynamic

  1. I am completely impressed with you guys!!! I’m not sure I’ll ever take on 3 for an unknown period of time, however I’d be real proud of us if we did… so props to you guys! Enjoy the pack– sounds so fun and interesting.


    • Thanks! It was SO not in the plan for us to ever have three at once, but it was just one of those situations where we thought, “Well, what else can we do??” We just couldn’t look the other way when a dog in need literally crossed our path. Believe me though, if the three didn’t get along so well, I’d be signing a different tune! 🙂


  2. It sounds pretty cool place to be in if your a dog!


  3. what fun! I’m glad to hear it’s been a pretty easy transition for all the pups … and foster parents!


  4. This is so great! I cannot believe you have 3 in your pack – we secretly love it!


  5. I am so glad to hear how well everyone is doing! What a testament to Oscar that he is doing so well with sharing his mom and dad! He is such a good foster brother!


    • I am a firm believer that furever dogs are the true unsung heros of dog fostering! They put up with so much, and play such an important role in their foster siblings’ journey. Oscar gets extra special spoils and treats for being so wonderful. 🙂


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