Pig & Piglet

If Cooper is our Pig, Roxie is our Piglet. 

She’s a little pint-sized version of our Pig.  First of all, she also completely idolizes her (nick)namesake – the two of them are inseparable! 

Secondly, she scarfs down food like it’s the last meal she’ll ever get.  I know she’s a growing puppy who was underweight to begin with, but sheesh…she puts away kibble like it’s goin’ out of style. 

And finally, there’s this… (volume up – it’s worth it!)

If you think Roxie is the Piglet for you, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Resuce.



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8 responses to “Pig & Piglet

  1. Awwww she’s a cute little piglet. Someone will sure snatch up that little snoring puppy soon!


  2. The video didn’t work for me! 😦

    Lucy is a little piglet too! I need to get some video of her snorting – it is so cute when they do that!


  3. zoki

    oh my gosh…that video!!! she is a little piglet!


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