Collar Mania

Cooper and Molly Tamale aren’t the only residents of Foster House who recently started sporting some new spring fashions.

A few weeks ago, Oscar got a brand new collar from Collar Mania, partly to celebrate his Gotcha Day, and partly because we just love spoiling our pooches.  Even though we’re huge fans of Sirius Republic, I discovered Collar Mania via Facebook and decided to give them a shot.  Wouldn’t you know, without realizing it I ended up selecting a pattern for Oscar that Sirius actually caries too??  (Forehead slap moment.)

When we placed the order, we also already knew that Molly Tamale would be coming back to us, so we ordered her a spare while we were at it. 

 I know I’ve got a lot of fellow Sirius fans out there, so I thought I’d do a little compare/contrast, from my experience with both of them.  Both companies hand make their collars with bright fun patterns, lined in a sturdy nylon.  Both offer a variety of collar styles – martingale, buckle, slip, etc, with nice heavy hardware. CM does something else that’s pretty cool, check out this nifty little feature:

It’s an additional ring sewn into the bottom of the collar for your tags.  I like it because this ring is a smaller gauge than the D ring that we clip the leash to, so depending on what method you use to clip tags to collars, it can make it a little easier. 

While CM has more patterns to choose from than SR (literally hundreds), I found their website to be a bit overwhelming – it’s tough to navigate through the dozens of pages of fabric patterns and styles.   I like how SR shows a picture of the collar on their website, so you can see how the fabric will look once it’s made up into a collar on your dog.  CM simply shows you a swatch of the fabric, so sometimes it’s difficult to get a sense of the scale of the print. 

Both offer custom embroidery, but only SR offers “Adopt Me” embroidery to any collar purchase at no additional charge.  It’s also tough to beat the shipping from SR – a flat $5, no matter the order.   However, if you “like” Collar Mania’s Facebook page, they often offer sales and promotions, and hold weekly giveaway contests.  CM also has a Clearance Corner, and “ready to wear” collars that they sell at discounted rates.  And if you’re a crazy collar collector,  every order you place with CM automatically earns you rewards points – for every $25 you spend, you get $1 towards a future order. 

Cooper in Sirius Republic, Molly Tamale & Oscar in Collar Mania

Beyond collars, CM offers custom nylon leashes – like their collars, you can choose the color, leash length, width and hardware.  SR also has leashes in their online shop that coordinate with their collar patterns, as well as dog themed magnets, note cards, and home decor.  They also have some beautiful and unique options for tags, not to mention those to-die-for collar accessories – bow-ties for the guys, and flowers for the gals.

So there you have it, my two cents worth comparing Sirius Republic and Collar Mania.  My experience with both companies has been terrific, they both offer wonderful customer service and beautiful quality products.  Where does everyone else like to shop for their pooches?  Do you have a favorite store, online or in your home town, where you’re a repeat offender shopper?

Remember, Cooper and Molly Tamale are both still searching for their furever homes!  To fill out an application, please visit Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “Collar Mania

  1. Every time I look at your blog, I want to buy new collars for my dogs. I’ve been eyeing the “Jagger” pattern on Sirius Republic for Badger. Another thing I like to do is go to Etsy and search for a specific pattern. This is how I found Badger’s current “Honey Badger” collar and his not-yet-worn “Space Invaders” collar and leash set. Poor Mushroom only has the one “Shrooms” collar from Sirius Republic to call her own. Maybe it’s time for more collar shopping…


  2. stampinpuppies

    I love that sideways photo of Molly Tamale’!! I didn’t realize her legs are small we say “height impaired”!! And she has some leopard dog in her, her mingled coloring is beautiful. The collars are all so pretty and all this collar talk has made me want to shop too!


  3. Rufus has Oscar’s exact same collar pattern from Sirius Republic! I love it so very much! Thanks for the honest review – I’m kind of a collar junkie, and I’m always looking for new designs.


  4. Carole Steele

    Let me tell you about my newest find. It’s Kathy’s Canine Creations! She does an awesome job on all her products. I now have 6 of her collars for my dog. I just love changing them out for the holidays and the seasons and when my favorite sports team is playing. Look her
    up. You won’t be sorry! Awesome customer service, quality,
    and every detail is meticulously done.


  5. I love that last photo of the pups all modeling their new collars – sooooo cute!


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  7. Jenn

    Just an update, Collar Mania does now show example collars with each fabric picture. And when they get new fabrics, if there is no collar example yet, if you’re the first one to order the new fabric, you can get a special demo collar price so she has one to show with the fabric picture.


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