Guest Post: Snug as an Olive in a Rug

Jen is first-time foster momma to Olive the Pittie Puppy, liberated from life on a chain just a few blocks from Foster House.  She is a neighbor and good friend of mine, and she also writes the awesome local blog, South Nashville Life (check it out if you want to learn about all about my ‘hood.)  Enjoy! ~Laura

Oh my. What have I done?

I swore that my home had a NO VACANCY sign when it came to more rescue dogs. Two is as many as I can handle in our little house, and sometimes that seems like too many.

But when the opportunity came along to offer refuge to one of the sweetest girls from her world consisting of a tree, a chain, a small plastic home and lots of dirt and little water, well…it broke me.

Meet Olive, or Ollie, for short.

It’s only been a couple of days and by watching her you’d think she has no memory of her old dirt bed. My boys, Eli and Marvin, whom I’ve affectionately dubbed the Grumpy Old Dogs, have been spending a lot of time putting the rambunctious pup in her place. But Ollie just takes it in stride, flopping her puppy paws in whichever direction gravity takes her.

Oh, I should mention this girl has the head tilt down to a tee.

Although I must admit it is so nice to have another female in the house, I’m anxious to get this girl to a forever home where she won’t have to be subjected to the growling of Eli the Feist that might be translated to something like, “Get offa my lawn!

Pending a few behind-the-scenes details, Ollie will be up for adoption soon. No more dirt beds for sweet Olive (unless she just feels like getting dirty, of course).

Olive will be ready for adoption soon!  If you’re the Furever People that Ollie is searching for, fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “Guest Post: Snug as an Olive in a Rug

  1. I am a sucker for puppies sleeping curled up in a ball, and Ollie doesn’t disappoint. What a cutie pie. And what a great thing you and Jen have done rescuing her!


  2. What a tongue! You’ll have no trouble getting her adopted.


  3. She is adorable! Thanks for taking this sweet girl on and showing her the love she deserves!


  4. Yay for Olive! So exciting!


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