Miss Independent

Molly Tamale is an independent gal.

Can you really blame her?  She hasn’t had anywhere to call “home” for any significant period of time in her entire life.   She’s had no one to rely on but herself.  But don’t you feel sorry for Molly Tamale – all that moving around has done nothing but toughen her up.   She’s happy, easy-going, confident, spunky, and she knows what she wants. 

She likes her personal space.  Her favorite spot at Foster House is on a folded up blanket next to the window, or laying in Cooper’s crate in the corner, where no one bothers her.  She’s not exactly a “snuggle bug.”  Once she knows she can trust you, she’ll jump up onto the couch next to you and allow you the privilege of petting her, but she’s not one to crawl up in your lap and demand attention like some (ahem, Cooper).   

Independent, yes, but not aloof.  Like every dog I’ve ever met, Molly Tamale loves being part of a family.  She’s waiting by the door, wagging her tail happily when we come home (meanwhile, our darling devoted Oscar can hardly be bothered to raise his head off the couch half the time when we return).  She goes absolutely bananas if you pick up the leash: “Are we going for a walk?  For a ride?  To the vet?  I don’t care, let’s just go already!!”  She loves her foster brothers – she runs and plays and wrestles with the boys when they insist on it, but we think she’d be just as happy as the only dog in the house….

…with People who are going to love her for who she is – independence and all.

If you’re ready to give Molly Tamale her furever home, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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14 responses to “Miss Independent

  1. Part of me thinks Molly would be such a perfect fit for our household – we love our dogs with an independent streak, because it makes it that much more special when we bond. Rufus would also like a laid-back gal to share his life with 😉 Whoever gets this lady forever will be super lucky!


  2. Aw! She’s awesome! Someone adopt Molly Tamale already! She’s so cute!


  3. Oh goodness, I love her. I’m such a fan of independent personalities – believe it or not, clingy can be a little too much for me. Rufus is a great mix of independence an snuggle. It’s too bad we couldn’t adopt her ourselves – Rufus would really appreciate another laid-back pooch in the house!


  4. She’s adorable! Not all dogs are snuggly but they all love with all there hearts!


  5. So glad that Molly’s somewhat rough start has made her tougher and stronger (vs nervous, scared and unable to trust)!


  6. I love she short legs 🙂

    Stop on by for a visit


  7. She is so cute! I also love your backyard! I dream of having one like that someday! 🙂


  8. Lucy Lou is the same way – after being bounced around so much, our house was the longest she’d ever been in one place in her whole 2 years of existence! She is slow to warm up, but once she does, it’s totally worth it!


  9. This is exactly the way Baxter was!!! He really didn’t appreciate being snuggled with. Slowly he got a little better with me, but was much happier on his own bed on the floor. I was soo nervous he wouldn’t find his forever family because who would POSSIBLY want a dog that didn’t want to snuggle?? I think the solution was finding someone with another dog who already was a snuggler so they werent missing that part of dog ownership when they got this otherwise amazing pup (plus, now that Bax has settled in, he is quite the snuggler, but thats not the point). The perfect home is out there, especially since she is otherwise well behaved and sweet. It’s so good you recognize all the great things about her!!!


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