A Little Elbow Grease

The boys’ collars were getting a little scuffed up and dingy.

Since they’re getting photographed for a very special project tonight (more on that later), their dirty duds simply would not do.  So momma took to the kitchen sink armed with dish soap and elbow grease, and the results were impressive:

In case you couldn’t tell, the right side is pre-scrub and the left is post-scrub.  The difference is much more apparent on Cooper’s collar in the pictures, but trust when I say that Oscar’s orange argyle looks totally bright and fresh in person.

In the past I’ve tossed fabric collars in the top rack of the dishwasher, or in the laundry to clean them.  I’m glad I opted to go with the hand-scrub method this time around, because the blue on Cooper’s bled a bit.  Keep that in mind if you’re washing a new collar for the first time, be careful you don’t toss it in with a load of whites!

Cooper loves his shiny clean Adopt Me collar, but he’s longing for a Furever collar of his very own.  If you’d like to be the ones to pick it out and love him forever and ever, please fill out an adoption application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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6 responses to “A Little Elbow Grease

  1. Ok…we are due for this too and I was contemplating doing a type of handwash, but it looks like dishsoap will work well also. Did you use some kind of scrub brush or just your hands?


  2. Ever since I bought Charlie Machete his Waggiwear collar, I have been neurotic about the possibility of it getting too dirty. I make him wear his old collar at home and then switch to the nice one for walks!


  3. I honestly never thought to use dish soap and a scrub brush… maybe next time I’ll give that combo a try!


  4. Wow, what a change. I’m sure the dogs feel much better now.


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