I’m Sexy and I Know It

So I’m at PetSmart the other day, right?  Just there to pick up a few essentials, nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary.  But then I see it: the huge display of doggie sweaters, all 40% off!  Aw crap, I knew right then what was going to happen…

I still kinda can’t believe I stopped at five.  Actually if you want to get technical, the two on the left were a two-pack, so really I only bought four.  And the gray one with the doggies on it was super-duper marked down, it was only five bucks – so it hardly even counts at all! 


OK, OK, I know – it’s a sickness.  But seriously, how cute are the boys going to look in these?  Well I’ll show ya how cute:

First up we have Cooper, sporting this lovely collegiate sweater in green and blue stripes.  It has little pocket on the back and even a hood.  In the above picture he is teasing Oscar because he got to try on his new clothes first.  Oh but don’t feel too badly for Oscar, because he was up next.  Oscar scoffed at Cooper’s childish teasing and showed what a true professional he is.  Here he is knocking Cooper out with his Blue Steel:

Then Cooper got back in on the action and he and Oscar rocked their “Give Me Treats” faces.  They are both very good at this look.

After a quick wardrobe change for Oscar, he switched it up and gave us some Le Tigre while Cooper just turned on the charm.

Cooper and Oscar know how really really rediculously good looking they are, but they also know how important it is to show off the merchandise when you’re modeling. 

We left the other two sweaters for another day – though both our boys are secure enough in their masculinity to rock some serious pink, we’ll save those just in case Oscar’s next roommate is a little lady.  After the photo session we took to the streets so the guys could unleash their sexy on the world.

Cooper’s new to The Biz, so his calendar is wide open and available for modeling gigs.  If you can’t wait to have Cooper model some new clothes just for you, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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14 responses to “I’m Sexy and I Know It

  1. What handsome boys in the new sweaters! They are rocking it. Good to know that they received treats as we don’t want our models too skinny.


  2. I so would have done it too

    Stop on by for a visit


  3. Luckiest pooches! Love the sweaters!


  4. I love the sweaters, they look great and why stop at 2? It is difficult to get nice things for large dogs in Australia especially where we are – winters are short.


  5. very nice! I may have to go check the store out too for this deal. luna could use a more girl appropriate sweater. For those special times when she is not getting into prickers, burs, and mud that is.


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