Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

Oscar has never been the super snuggly type.  Oh with people, sure, absolutely, but with other dogs – not so much.  He tolerates their presence and will even allow them to lay near him sometimes, but he’s never cuddled up right next to one, especially by his own accord.  However over this past week, something crazy happened.  Oscar has given in. 

(I cannot go any farther without apologizing for the horrendous picture quality – however, when your dog decides to snuggle with another dog for the first time ever, you grab whatever photo-taking device is closest at that moment.  Most times it’s my phone.  So yeah, on behalf of myself and Android – sorry. Please allow yourself to be distracted by the oodles of cuteness.)

Not only has Oscar been laying next to Cooper, occasionally he would even lay his head right on him…Come on now, seriously, with the cuteness??


Perhaps Oscar also realized that if he had any chance of cuddling with Momma (who Cooper has habitually monopolized since day one at Foster House), he’s going to have to suck it up and share the lap space with his foster brother.

You won’t find any complaints from me – we expect our heating bill to go down significantly now that the pups have started providing reliable body heat.  So does anyone else have furever dogs who have reluctantly succumbed to the snuggle pressure from their foster siblings? 

For more information on adopting the wonderfully snuggly Cooper, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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14 responses to “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

  1. zoki

    yes, every day i get photos from my boyfriend who works from home. i have started calling it “the snuggle sun series” with moose and emma. moose (the foster) is much more the dog snuggler and she just gives in.

    cooper and oscar are JUST TOO CUTE!!!


  2. So cute! I hope Izzy snuggles with our next foster!


  3. Theoretical Foster Auntie

    That is reely reely, reediculously cute! I heart Cooper a little bit.


  4. Cute!!!!! It’s amazing how animals just change a behavior like it’s no big deal. Zoe’s a big cuddler, and I actually would say that we keep our heating bills down because she’s so warm! 🙂


    • I know, right? So funny, he did it one day out of nowhere. I wasn’t home, Foster Dad snapped that first picture and sent it to me while I was at work, I would have thought it was photo-shopped if I didn’t then see it with my own eyes that night when I got home.


  5. So cute! Snuggles are the best!


  6. Very cute, I love snuggly dogs and yours are gorgeous. My two don’t snuggle, although my little staffy Bundy likes to snuggle up to me in Winter or when he’s not well he doesn’t snuggle with Maxi. Maxi doesn’t like to snuggle, she hates it if there is anything on her bed or even just touching it and she will wait for me to move it (dog, toy, anything really) before she will curl up and go to sleep.


  7. Turk occasionally would use Ginger Rogers’ butt as a pillow, but full-on cuddling? Never! I have to live vicariously through you to witness that kind of cuteness!


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