I Work Out

(…if you are awesome a dork like me, you have already sung the title of this blog post in your head, along the lines of this post here. Anyway…)

Cooper has been with us for three months now.  We didn’t notice it right away, it’s been a gradual thing, but Cooper has undergone a bit of a physical change over the last several months.  This is what Cooper looks like today:

That’s a good lookin’ dog, right?  I mean, even with his eyes closed, handsome fella, right?  Just so we’ve got a good visual in our minds, here he is last month, covered in filthy dirty mud, on the Best Day Ever:

Now take a look at this photo from back when he first arrived at Foster House:

Compared to now, he looks to have been a little on the tubby side, no?  Just to make sure, let’s check another angle:

Yep, Cooper has definitely lost some weight.  When he arrived, we didn’t necessarily consider him chubby.  We didn’t put him on a diet or anything, we just fed him the recommended portion from the dog food bag.  Maybe it’s all the exercise he gets playing with his foster brother & sister, or the healthy snacks, or maybe Coop is just finally starting to lose his extra layer of puppy chub. 

Lookin’ good, there Coop.  Lookin’ good!

If you’d like to add Cooper to your family, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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8 responses to “I Work Out

  1. Great. Now that song’s stuck in my head. Cooper’s looking good, though! I especially like his eyes-closed, mouth-open pose.


  2. stampinpuppies

    Lookin good there Coop!


  3. Amazing foster parents!


  4. He just looks SO happy all the time…I can’t get over it!!


  5. He definitely looks like he’s a little grown-up now! What a gorgeous dude! Now that youve known him longer, I think it would be great to do another post about what his perfect home would be like:)


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