Operation Unbridled Spirit

A week ago, I got a phone call.

Animal Rescue Corps was on the move again, and were preparing for deployment to rescue another batch of abused animals, set them up in an emergency shelter near Nashville, and ultimately place them in foster homes where they could then recover and be adopted out to loving furever families.

Unbridled Spirit (3)

“So, do you have any time this week?” asked the voice on the other end of the line. Well, I thought, my work schedule has just gone from 50 to 60 hours for this week, my birthday is coming up on Friday, and I finally have next weekend off…

Unbridled Spirit (4)

“Of course. When and where?”

I spent last Tuesday with other ARC volunteers at their storage unit, loading up a U-Haul and setting up the emergency shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee – about 40 minutes east of Nashville. We created a makeshift hospital and isolation area, sorted supplies and set up over 100 crates, to prepare for the arrival of a then-unknown number of animals.

Unbridled Spirit (2)

On Thursday, ARC volunteers hit the ground running and pulled 122 dogs and two parrots of a property in Wayne County, Kentucky. ARC brought them back to Tennessee where they’re now settling in and receiving emergency vet care, clean food and water….

Unbridled Spirit (1)

…and where I’ll be spending my birthday weekend. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be – I can’t wait to meet these guys!

For updates on Operation Unbridled Spirit, including more photos, follow Animal Rescue Corps on Facebook or check out their website. Donations can be made for the care of the OUS animals here.



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15 responses to “Operation Unbridled Spirit

  1. What an awful situation. You are so amazing to help! And, that picture of the frenchie, gahd, I just want to go scoop that pup up and take him/her home. I have a soft spot in my heart for frenchies, and his/her beautiful eyes really get to me. I’m glad they’re all in good hands and hope they find wonderful homes. Keep us updated!


  2. The work you do, you’re amazing. I hope you have a happy birthday too, I’m sure seeing those faces and having them know they’re safe is a pretty awesome gift!


  3. Lisa Boice

    I have helped with rescues in the past and KNOW the feelings, heartbreak, exhaustion, and satisfaction that comes with every heartbeat you all save..many blessings to you wonderful angels!


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  6. Linda

    I have contacted so may rescues to try and adopt one of these Yokie babies from Operation Unbridles Spirit. I have either gotten I don’t know what your talkin about to no response at all if you can direct me to where I need to be to adopt a Yorkie I would greatly appreciate it.


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