Operation Freedom Dogs

My first thought: *sigh* here we go again…

On July 3rd, Animal Rescue Corps was on the scene again in Middle Tennessee carrying out a large-scale rescue effort.  Over 100 medium to large size dogs were reported living in deplorable conditions in Lebanon, about an hour east of Nashville.  Just like they did in February’s Operation Sweethearts, ARC responded to the reports and found unimaginable conditions. As temperatures reached record highs across Tennessee and much of the country, these dogs lived their days crowded together in pens with no shelter from the elements. Water bowls were found dry, their food crawling with insects. 

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From a statement by ARC,

Animal Rescue Corps only recently learned of these dogs and the conditions they were forced to exist in for two decades… rusty decrepit cages with nothing for shelter but sharp metal boxes and rusted out barrels, dangerous terrain littered with nails, dangerous objects and the bones of dogs that did not survive these harsh conditions.

The good news?  Every last dog was surrendered and removed from the property.

On the Fourth of July, as Americans from coast to coast celebrated their Independence, these dogs were getting their first taste of Freedom. Just like the Sweethearts this past winter, they will all be vetted, groomed, temperament tested and placed with rescue organizations to get them ready for adoption into loving homes.  But before that can happen, some will need intensive medical attention for broken bones, untreated injuries, and (I would guess) heartworms.  The worst is over for these sweet babies, but they still have a long way to go.

**UPDATE** I just found out that the Freedom Dogs will be honored at this Sunday night’s awesome Agape fundraiser, Glitter & Glam!  Also, Animal Rescue Corps President, Scotlund Haisley, will be there as a guest speaker and runway model!  Like you needed another reason to go…

To find out more about how you can help the Freedom Dogs, watch for updates on the Animal Rescue Corps website.



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12 responses to “Operation Freedom Dogs

  1. The people responspile for this resuce, make me want to be a better person. Wow, they are such heros. I wish I could watch each one of the dogs experience their first nutriional meal, clean water and a loving hand for the first time. Can you imagine a more pure joy? And of course, I look forward to Karma finding the people responsible for this cruelty.


  2. What a horrific story. At least, the animals are getting a new chance to live. Thanks for sharing.


  3. daisypierce16

    I think anyone who abuses animals should have whatever conditions they forced on the animals forced on them. Kudos to the people involved in this mission, and I hope all of the dogs get the love they deserve. Thanks for sharing!


  4. My heart breaks for these dogs.. But I’m glad they are getting their chance at fresh water and food, medical attention and love, every dog deserves that.


  5. Shana

    thank you for sharing this. my heart breaks for all animals who are suffering at human hands. i’m so thankful for those who care.


  6. What fantastic work is being done. Well done on your great blog.


  7. I’d never heard of Animal Rescue Corps until your post and I always love to learn about new animal charities, especially one like this that acts as a first responder of sorts in a true crisis. I wish we lived in a world where its mission was moot.


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