What’s in a name?

We have about a gazillion nicknames for the Cooper-monster,  but at the end of the day – the name suits him perfectly. Cooper couldn’t really have been anything other than “Cooper.”


This gorgeous fellow is one of the newest members of the Agape family, and he’s having a bit of an identity crisis.  He’s one of the Operation Unbridled Spirit dogs, and is currently camping out with our friends Jen & Jason (that’s right, Olive’s former pad).  At the emergency shelter he known as Jelly Roll.


Then one day he started singing a lovely song, which sounded remarkably like a certain character from a beloved sci-fi movie classic.

I happen to believe he resembles a different character from that particular movie.



Another name on the table is Frank.


So, just for fun, blog readers – let your voices be heard: Which name best suits the big guy: Jelly Roll, Chewie, Jabba, or Frank?  Cast your votes in the Comments, and please defend your answers!


If you’re interested in adding Jelly Roll/Chewie/Jabba/Frank to your family, please fill out an application with Agape Animal Rescue.



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14 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. Gah! All those names suit him so well! I love human names on dogs, so Frank gets a lot of points, but I could SO imagine calling him Jelly!


  2. Kristin

    They’re all adorable! I’d rank them as: 1. Jabba, 2. Frank, 3. Jelly Roll, 4. Chewie.


  3. Suzanne

    OH god I love Frank, but I like Jelly Roll Too. Frank Jelly Roll. Frank Jelly Belly. But in the end… I love Frank. I’m so close to you guys, in Chattanooga and I would welcome him in my home in a heartbeat… but alas, I have 6. So the inn is full, but I know his forever people are right around the corner.


  4. All of his cuteness is clouding my judgement on a name! I got nothing….but he is one handsome pup.


  5. Shelley

    I like chewie! But didn’t like Chewbacca …. don’t like jabba, Frank or jelly….. you could just call him love bug ❤ LOL


  6. Kelli

    Jelly Roll! It can be shortened to J-Roll, which just so happens to be the nickname of one of my favorite baseball players (Jimmy Rollins on the Philadelphia Phillies). 🙂 Runner-up vote goes to Frank!


  7. I like Jelly Roll… but I would totally just call him Jelly… or Jelly Belly… or Jells Bells… yep. Jelly for the win!


  8. Julie

    Jelly Roll! But I have a cat named Jelly, so I guess I am partial…
    He is so cute, maybe Jabba fits him. Could turn into just the hut. Or hut hut. Or Jabba wabba wocka. Or turn it to space balls and name him Barf!!


  9. My first choice is to stick with Jelly Roll. He’s too cute! 🙂


  10. Whatever he ends up being called I think he needs to go on a date with the the bulldog named Hells Bells featured on my blog today!@


  11. zoki

    Frank! I love human names for dogs.


  12. I like the name Chewie… I think it fits him perfectly!


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