Flashback Friday

Cooper is on quarantine because of The Hack.  We’re keeping Oscar on lockdown too, just to be on the safe side.  Foster Mom has the entire weekend off work, which is rare this time of year.  So we’ve got biiiiig plans this weekend to do absolutely nothing…

Coincidentally, that’s exactly what we were doing in this picture, taken way back when Foxy Roxie was a resident of Foster House.  The funny thing is that even now that we only have two dogs, they still don’t go out of their way to make room for Foster Dad up on the couch.

Happy weekend!

For information about adding Cooper to your family, please visit Agape Animal Rescue.

…and don’t forget to VOTE for COOPER!



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3 responses to “Flashback Friday

  1. Ok, one, that picture is AWESOME. And two, I want my name to be Foxie Roxie! The ‘hack’ is no fun to watch/hear/have, hope Coop-man heals quick!


  2. If you have to be sick, it is great to have some pups & people to cuddle with! 🙂 Enjoy this chilly weekend… rest up for your adventures! I wanna see more puppy zoomies very soon 😉


  3. So cute! Look at how little Cooper is there! Hope he feels better soon. Stupid kennel cough. 🙂


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