Pooches for President!

“Momma, why are all the angry people on the tee-vee yelling at each other about other angry people?” 

“Well you see, Cooper, it’s an election year.  There are two men who both want to be in charge, but they have different ideas about the best way to do that.  All those people you see have each decided which man they like the best, and are trying to explain why they like that person.  That’s called Politics.”

“But why are they so angry? Isn’t there anything they can all agree on?”

“There probably is, Coop, but in Politics it seems that most people prefer to focus on their differences instead of their common ground.”

“Well, that’s silly!  I bet I could do poly-ticks better than any those people.  Heck, I already have the outfit, and I’ve got some ideas I bet everyone can agree on!  Let me see if some of my friends will do poly-ticks with me…”

After our conversation, Cooper has decided to enter the “ruff” and tumble world of politics – he’s thrown his hat collar in the ring for Agape’s Pooches for President Campaign

Cooper has chosen to run for the Re-pup-lican party, under the pseudonym Mutt Romney.  His slogan is “Go with Mutt, it’s clear cut!” and his platform is “No pup left behind.”  Now let’s meet the other candidates:

First is our incumbent candidate.  Smiley is running as a member of the Pee Party, with a platform of “Life, liberty and tummy rubs.”  Smiley’s campaign slogan is “Woof we can!” 

Finally, our Dog-ocratic candidate Sammie is going by Bark-rac Obama in this race.  Her slogan is “She’s on track, vote for Bark-rac!” and her platform is “A bone in every bowl.”


All three candidates have agreed to keep things pawsitive, and their campaigns all agree on the following fundamentals:

  1. Implementing a federal spay/neuter initiative
  2. Making dog fighting a felony
  3. Making chaining or tethering a felony 

With a shared platform like that, any one of these three pooches would be an excellent choice.  However we are clearly a little biased, so our vote is going to Cooper of course!   Oscar has even signed on as his campaign manager, and has tons of ideas to get Coop as much pawsitive press as possible over the next serveral months.

You can cast your vote for Cooper with a $5 donation, or a $20 donation for a vote and your very own Mutt Romney campaign t-shirt! Visit Agape Animal Rescue and make your voice heard: “Go with Mutt, it’s clear cut!”



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27 responses to “Pooches for President!

  1. Cutest thing ever. Good luck Coop!


  2. So very clever – love the names, slogans etc. Awesome.


  3. This is ammmmmmazing! 🙂


  4. Wow! No seriously, double wow!! This is so much awesomeness I can’t stand it!


  5. Oh. My. Goodness. This is brilliant!


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