Foxy Roxie

Roxie has been running around nekkid, and that is just not appropriate behavior for a lady.  We let her slide for a day because she’s young, and just doesn’t know any better.  But Sunday we decided she must put on some duds.  Unfortunately everything we have in her size is leftover from when Oscar was a (very cute) puppy, which means boy colors.  No no no, Oscar’s hand-me-downs simply would not do.   Young Roxie needed some swag of her very own, fitting of her personality.  So we put a temporary old boy collar on her and headed out in search of the perfect bling for Roxie.

There’s a flea market near our house at the end of each month, so we made the trek down the hill to check it out.  We happened across a vendor named Donna with some merchandise that fit the bill perfectly: girly and adorable with a touch of sass – just like Roxie.

Donna was awesome. As we were chatting about the little lady I was shopping for, and the story of how Roxie crossed our path, she told me she has 10 (!) rescue animals of her own.  Talk about a full house!  Donna donates a portion of her proceeds to animal rescue organizations, and also offered me a discount when she found out that we’d be fostering Roxie and finding her a home.  She has an online store called Pandora’s Jewel Box, in memory of one of her feline friends who passed away.  She even engraved Roxie’s new tag right on the spot.

So what do you think of Roxie’s new swag?  Is she stylin’ now, or what?

We’re still holding out hope that Roxie may already have People who love her and miss her.  If you recognize Roxie, found in South Nashville on 2/24/12, please let us know!



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9 responses to “Foxy Roxie

  1. I love it! So sassy! Have you added Roxie to the Lost Pet Registry yet? I’m actually not sure if it’s just a KC thing or not, but whenever we find a lost animal, we add it there.


    • Emily, she’s on Craigslist, Petfinder, and a bunch of local Nashville “lost pet” message boards and Facebook pages. When Chino’s owners were looking for him, we connected in less than 12 hours…we’ve already had Roxie for three days. I know if it was MY pet who was missing I’d be checking every resource I could, every 30 seconds…we’re hopeful, but also trying to be realistic.


  2. zoki

    i love this on her. gorgeous color to match her fur!! she looks adorable.


  3. Love the collar! This is so great!


  4. Love the new collar! Roxie is quite lucky that she chose your car to run in front of!


  5. LOVE the new collar 🙂

    Stop on by for a visit


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