Puppy Therapy

Just as I was looking for blog inspiration, this little nugget came into our lives:

This is Roxie. Poor girl almost got hit by a car (OK, our car) on our way home from dinner last night.  No collar, no microchip, long nails, filthy dirty and skinny as can be.  Sounds like someone else we met recently, right?  Well if that experience taught us anything, it was to never assume.  So we are going to operate like Miss Roxie just wandered away from her People who are desperately searching for her.  We’ll do our best to find them, but if we can’t – she is welcome to stay with us as long as she likes, until we can find her People of her very own. 

Perhaps it was the margaritas we enjoyed at dinner that encouraged us to take on this little project.  After a warm bath, a nail trim and a nice meal, Roxie showed her true personality, bounding around the room playing with The Boys.   At bed time, she curled up in the crate and only cried a little bit before drifting off to dream land.  We had almost forgotten that having a puppy means late night potty breaks….but Roxie reminded us. 

In the light of day, Foster Dad and I looked at each other – what have we gotten ourselves into?  A Puppy??  This was sooo not in the plan.  We are a two dog house – that’s 1 perma-dog  + 1 foster. 

But come on, what were we going to do?  Leave her in the street??  Pshhhh, right.  So for now, since Cooper and Oscar both seem to be big fans of this little lady so far – we’re just a happy Foster Family of Five! 

If you recognize Roxie as a missing pup in the Nashville area, please comment below.  More information on where she was found on our Facebook page.



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11 responses to “Puppy Therapy

  1. Hello, adorable Roxie! Congrats on landing a super fun foster home for now, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending/reunion with a wonderful family!


  2. Your life is starting to sound like mine with all these wayward dogs! Roxie is beyond adorable. Be careful you don’t fall in permanent love with her! 🙂 Good luck and good job for helping her out.


  3. oh puppies! I had one, never again plan to have one!

    Stop on by for a visit


  4. That pup looks like Super Levi! Crystal beat me to it, but I was totally going to say that you sound like her bringing all these wayward pooches home! They are lucky to find such sweet, caring people to help them find their way!


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  6. Thats a lot to take on, but that face! Wow she’s a cutie. We are in the same boat, puppies?! But, they are sooo cute. I can’t wait to see how she does!!!


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