I’ll See Your Egg & Raise You a Cube

Oh Cooper, our little piggy.  Or maybe hippo (as in the “hungry hungry” variety) would be a better suited nickname?  Either way, you just rocked that Egg so quickly and expertly that you’ve graduated, sir! 

Here is Cooper’s first attempt at The Cube…I probably didn’t need to record nearly three minutes of this, but trust me, it gets pretty good around the 1:40 minute mark: 

The Cube (which is actually called a Buster Food Cube) is a little more challenging than The Egg because there is only one “exit” for the food instead of two like on The Egg.  You can also adjust the difficulty level, allowing more or less food out at a time.  Since this was Cooper’s first go at it, we had it on the easier setting.  Another plus necessity for any food dispensing toy – it’s completely dishwasher safe. 

For information on adopting  food-puzzle mastermind Cooper, please contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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6 responses to “I’ll See Your Egg & Raise You a Cube

  1. That is one talented pup!


  2. That was an interesting way to move the chairs…


  3. That is SO funny! I love how he knocks it around so heartily! He reminds me of Lucy Lou with her Kong Wobbler – that thing goes flying all over the kitchen and kibble goes EVERYWHERE! 🙂


  4. zoki

    I LOVE the way he moved the chairs. Ugh so cute.


  5. maybe if you keep alternating it will keep him busy

    Stop on by for a visit


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