Tucker’s Glamour Shots

One thing that Agape Animal Rescue does for their adoptable dogs is give them the star treatment with a professional photo shoot.  There has been plenty of testimony from rescues and shelters around the country that a dog only gets one chance to make a first impression, and in the techno-age we live in, most the time that impression comes from an online profile.  So if you were looking for a new furry member to add to your family, would you be more interested in a dog photographed through the bars of a cage, with harsh lighting and fear in his eyes?  Or, this guy:

Many times, a quality picture of a dog can mean the difference between getting adopted and living out the rest of his days behind bars.  That’s another reason foster families are so important – even if there are no glamour shots, potential adopters get the chance to see a dog in a home environment instead of the stressful shelter atmosphere.   

So what do you think about Tucker’s modeling skills?  Does he have a future in front of the camera or what?  At the very least, let’s hope these awesome shots help him find his perfect People!

To adopt our little super model, contact Agape Animal Rescue.


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2 responses to “Tucker’s Glamour Shots

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