Beer for Dogs!

OK, not really, I’m pretty sure PETA would be all over that one.  More like “Beer for people to support dogs.”  Recently here in Nashville, we’ve had an awesome new (female owned & operated!) brewery open up.  Jackalope Brewing Company opened in May 2011 with the goal to become a “microbrewery that was locally active, socially conscious and made really good beer.”  I’d say they’re three for three.  Foster Dad and I have been known to partake in an adult beverage from time to time, and Jackalope delivers with a mighty fine brew.  Additionally, each month they have a new rotating tap, and they pick a local charity to donate a percentage of that tap’s sales to.  This month, that charity is Agape Animal Rescue, which just so happens to be the rescue that we foster through.  You can read more about Jackalope’s partnership with Agape on their blog.

And for goodness sakes, if you live in Nashville, please head down to Jackalope during their tap room hours (Fridays 4:00p – 8:00p) this month and ask for a pint of Rainy Day Blues.  Also, you can follow Jackalope on Facebook to find out what food trucks might be gracing their parking lot on any given Friday evening.  And while you’re there, don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by this handsome mug on one of the tables:

To adopt this handsome mug, fill out an application at Agape Animal Rescue.


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