Why BSL is BS

BSL stand for “Breed Specific Legislation.”  There are a handful of states that currently have BSL laws on the books that either ban or restrict certain types of dogs based on their appearance, because they are perceived as “dangerous.”  BSL laws have proven over and over again to be an ineffective tool towards reducing dog attacks.  The American Kennel Club even has a Canine Legislation Position Statement, stating that they “strongly opposes any legislation that determines a dog to be ‘dangerous’ based on specific breeds or phenotypic classes of dogs.”  BSL is also denounced by the ASPCA and the CDC.

Over the years, the targeted breed has changed – the Doberman in the 80’s, the Rottweiler in the 90’s – now it’s the pit bull, but any powerful breed of dog could be next.

To learn more, visit Stop BSL.

To see a preliminary summary of the National Canine Research Council‘s investigations of dog bite related fatalities in 2011, click here.


One response to “Why BSL is BS

  1. Not only does it punish responsible owners, but also add to already overcrowded shelters which will just wind up killing the dog.


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