Holla Back

 Questions?  Love letters?  Hate mail?  Bring it on!

~ aheartbeatatmyfeet [AT] gmail [DOT] com ~


9 responses to “Holla Back

  1. Jenny

    OMG….you have a blog?? I should totally start reading this!!! 😉


  2. c

    Have you ever read Lucky Dog Rescue Blog, after reading a few of your stories, I think you would really enjoy that one too.


  3. Stacy Sheppard

    Thanks so much for taking time out of your weekend to meet with us today! We have not stopped talking about Roxie since we left the park. We really hope it works out:) Thank you for finding this sweet girl and providing her with top notch foster care. A million thanks for all that you do!!!

    The Sheppard Family


  4. Where are you? What is the current status of the puppies and the mom? Can’t we try to do something? I can contribute financially, and with my time – I’m in Vermont. We can’t take the puppies, but I can try to help find them a place to go! Email me if I can help, or if you have done something and need some assistance. I know we can’t save all of them, but we can save as many as possible!


  5. Good Morning Heart Beat,

    Just read your Success Stories and I wanted to say how much I enjoy your writing – not to mention the dogs. At the moment we have three elderly dogs (2 Greyhounds and a Beagle mix) so our house is full. Someday though – I would love to adopt a Pittie or two..

    My husband is terrified of them due to the bad press they get. I read him stories of the successes but he won’t open his heart quite yet. Any suggestions for me?

    Thank you for the good works you do. Thank you for loving the dogs. In my opinion, the highest calling of a human is to be kind. You have heard the call and answered.

    With gratitude,

    Nan Calvert
    Kansasville, Wisconsin\


  6. Heather Cass

    Congratulations, you are one of the finalists in The Tennessean’s Toast of Music City Readers Choice Awards. Please contact me to find out more.


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