When the boys want to get SIRIUSLY dirty…

Sirius Republic strikes again!


We’ve been big fans of Sirius Republic and their adorable collars ever since they hit it outta the park making Kaylee’s awesome collar, embroidered with “Adopt Me” for free. Oscar, Molly Tamale and Cooper have each sported S.R. collars over the past several years – each of them ridiculously adorable.  Though we’ve explored other collar options along the way, we recently circled back to Sirius Republic.


I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t you guys JUST get new adorable collars for the boys to celebrate Cooper’s adoption?”  Well yes, yes we did. I have a small confession to make – I actually got these collars before we adopted Cooper. I couldn’t help myself! As soon as I saw a certain eligible bachelor showing his off newest accessory around the blogosphere, I knew I had to have one for Oscar.  And if I Oscar was going to get new swag, how could I leave out the Coops?  Just couldn’t  do it…that’s not how I roll.

As much as I just LOVE the adorableness and variety of the fabric collars we’ve always used, they have their drawbacks. While they’re durable, they don’t last forever.  And while they can be cleaned, it’s not the easiest thing to do and they really just don’t look the same afterwords. And as much as the boys love the water and the dirt, I knew they needed an option for getting messy.


These Waterdog Collars from Sirius Republic rock my friggin’ socks off. They’re true work horse dog collars – waterproof, stink proof, antimicrobial and durable up to 1,000 pounds of break strength! That’s darn strong. Boy I wish we had these on our canoeing adventure – not to mention during the Mud Bowl!


Not only are they great for days like this, when your backyard renovations have come to a halt due to the rainiest summer you can remember, thus creating a makeshift “swimming pool” every time it rains until you’re able to secure professional landscapers…

…but the collars also incredibly attractive!

Fall 043

Look how vibrant the color is! I don’t see these bad boys fading like some of our fabric collars have before.

Fall 034

I just love the shiny hardware of the buckle and leash loop. There’s also the option to add this slick looking name tag, so you don’t have to switch tags when your pooch wants to go swimming. The tag also adds extra grommets, which means extra bling.


This tag belongs to an adoptable Wonderdog over at Our Waldo Bungie. Check him out, he’s looking for his Furever Home!

Now, no matter how much fun the boys have getting as dirty-messy-stinky-smelly as they possibly can…

Fall 038

…their collars can clean up with a quick easy rinse.  There is so much to love about these collars, including one thing I have yet to mention: they seem to have magical powers of inducing snuggles and sleepiness.

Fall 042.1

You can order your own Waterdog Collar from Sirius Republic in Red (like Oscar’s), Blue (like Cooper’s), Brown, or Orange. Oh, and just so ya know, we were not compensated in any way for our review.



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8 responses to “When the boys want to get SIRIUSLY dirty…

  1. Kate

    Such little boys. Playing in the mess, getting all dirty. My dog would have plopped right down in the puddle and stayed there. He’s THAT kind of jerk/mud lover


  2. Love all things Sirius Republic! The dogs look AWESOME and ready to romp in some mud!!!


  3. Those collars are SIRIUSLY my favorite! I ended up getting one for Turk not too long after getting Moby’s because they are just so durable, easy to clean, and look nice ALL THE TIME! Glad to hear the Coops and Oscar are getting in on the water doggin’ collars, too!


  4. Callie's mom

    Callie absolutely refuses to step in a puddle, much less mud! Unless, of course there is a small furry creature digging a hole to hide from her…..


  5. Great looking collars! I’ve only got one dog that loves rolling in mud but the other loves stinky dead things so give me mud any day 🙂


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