It’s Official!

The contract is signed, and the check is in the mail. But an adoption isn’t really complete until the family photos come back, right?


Well we must be a real family now!


Taken by the photographic genius behind Agape Animal Rescue‘s professional photos, including Cooper’s holiday portraits from last year, April Hollingsworth knocked it outta the park once again, amiright?


…and my absolute favorite:


Thank you April Hollingsworth and Harmony Designs Photography for these gorgeous photos – and of course, thank you Agape Animal Rescue for bringing Cooper into our lives!



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9 responses to “It’s Official!

  1. Callie's mom

    I tear up every time I see your comments! I’m so glad you are keeping Cooper. You might remember I fell totally in love with him last year, but fate kept me from adopting him to be Callie’s little bro and now I know why! He belongs to YOU! That makes me very happy. Please continue to regale us with updates on both Coop and Oscar…two very handsome pups who are lucky to have you and your husband as family!


  2. Goose bumps every time! Wishing your growing family, much joy! You are off to a great start!!!


  3. Also, your highlights are amazing!!


  4. Fabulous family photos, you all look so happy and I just love Coopers big and goofy grin. That last pic is priceless 🙂


  5. Awww yay! great photos, I don’t think we have a single “official” one of all of us… sad since we don’t have kids yet, so the dogs should be in them. Heck we hardly have any as a couple. I need to remedy that somehow.


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