Your Very Own Oscar-Cooper Hybrid!

This is Victor!

Victor, just chillin'.

Victor, just chillin’.

You guys….I’m sorry, I just couldn’t NOT share this guy with you. How ridiculously adorable is he?  And is it any wonder why I had an “erhmegerd” gasp out loud moment when I saw his picture? He looks like the perfect mix of Oscar and Cooper! It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for the brindles, but Victor, oh Victor…you are a serious looker my friend. And he could be yours!

Yep, Victor is available for adoption. He’s currently taking up residence at Williamson County Animal Control (former home of both Cooper and Molly Tamale), where he’s lived since March 27th as an owner surrender.  Let’s learn a little more about him…

My name is Victor  and I am a good-looking 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer Mix. I am a current resident of Williamson County Animal Control but I need a forever home. I have a happy-go-lucky personality that has made me a favorite at the shelter. I am very popular with the volunteers that love me and always one of the first to be walked. I have been told I am the total package: handsome: check, friendly: check, lots of personality: check, fun to play with: check, a perfect gentleman on the leash: half check…come on I’m a dog and I love to sniff. I love my time in the play yard chasing tennis balls and the love and attention I get from the volunteers…did I mention I am very social? I am a smart boy and I listen well. That means I would be easy to train and quick to learn. As a matter of fact I am already housebroken and crate trained. I have a lot of love to share – I just need a family to share it with! I am ready to go home all I need is you!
Sounds like the perfect package to me! If someone (ahem, Cooper) wasn’t taking up the foster-spot at our place, well…you know who would be! If you’d like to meet Victor or learn more about him, or if you know someone who wants their very own Coop-Oscar-ganger, they can contact WCAC at 615-790-5590, or e-mail


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4 responses to “Your Very Own Oscar-Cooper Hybrid!

  1. Gorgeous boy, really hope he finds his forever home soon!


  2. Gorgeous boy, and I love that he is a hybrid of the two. When we were fostering Boris, people used to think Miss M and Mr B had a baby (that came out in a week and was full grown and 80 lbs).


  3. Victor is gorgeous! We need a bigger house…:)


  4. Victor!!! You are adorable and you have a most awesome name!!! It’s like a soap opera name!


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